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D'Art of the Automobile

A New Meaning of Time  

Have You Ever considered an Automobile as an Art Form, or as a Metaphor for time?
By Using a 1963 Dodge Dart Restoration Project as an Art Form, I Learned a New Concept of Time!

  • Mileage:                      Over 100,000

  • Engine Size:               170 Original Slant-Six

  • Color:                           Sky Blue

  • Me:                               Female Working in Male Domain of Automotives; Facing Restoration & Documentation Challenges

  • Armed With:               Mechanics Tools, Camera & Tripod, Computer Technology

  • Goal:                            Masters Diploma: Visual & Public Arts combined with Communications, Science,& Technology

  • Results:                       Social Commentary Combining Orthodox Art Methodologies & Computer Science & Automotive Technologies

  • Emerging With:           Functional Art Forms & a NEW PERSPECTIVE of TIME Anchored   " IN THE POWER OF NOW !!! " 


Linda Marie Johnson