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The Smell of Christmas

This magical fragrance combines the delightful aromas of citrus and spice with naturally festive botanicals... red berries, evergreen sprigs, nuts, pinecones and cinnamon sticks... creating a warm and joyful ambiance in the home.


Candle Jar - 15qc

Three Wick Candle - 15qc

Round Pillar - 10qc

Square Pillar - 15qc

Candle in Glass - 10qc

Candle in Glass 2 pack refill - 10qc

Votive Candle - 5qc

Votive 3 pack refill - 10qc

Decorative Fragrance - 15qc


Gift Ideas

Wrought Iron Christmas Tree Candle Holder

Complete with 13 votive candles in the Smell of Christmas Scent


Wrought Iron Pillar Candle Set

Complete with holder, and three differenly sized square pillar candles.


Thinking of You Gift Tote

Need a special gift for someone nice? This whimsical gift box holds a bag of The Smell of Christmas Decorative Fragrance and a Christmas Votive Candle.


Smell of Christmas Apple Ornament.

An apple shaped mesh ornament filled with Smell of Christmas Decorative Fragrance.


A colorful metal Santa stocking ornament adorns the outside of this golden box filled with a bag of The Smell of Christmas Decorative Fragrance and a Candle in Glass Smell of Christmas Candle. Gift-boxed and tied with a pretty red bow.


The Smell of Christmas Gift Package

This decorative burnished iron frame holds a wooden box filled with Aromatique treasures - a bag of The Smell of Christmas Decorative Fragrance, Refresher Oil, Candle in Glass, colorful metal Santa ornament and assorted botanicals!




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