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This is Mimi changing into to Miora the evil side of Mimi MWHAHHAHAHAHAH*cough*(i did the hair,some of the clothes and all that good stuff except for making the gif) Mwha i made this picture..i loved how Kiki turned out,and Rizzel's hair is really kool ^^. awwwwwwwwww this is baby Mimi and Rizzel awwwwwwww(when rizzel was not a assasin yet ^^) this is a better picture of Miora,tho imagne her with wings. Ok this is a cute pic of Mimi with short hair hehehehe she looks so cute*huggles* this is Mimi when she is older...i know i know she had stormy eyes,but pretend she has coal black wings and stormy grey eyes ^^. hey if you would like to make a animated gif for you thats fine with me...e-mail me at but follow these rules 1.please be descrptive to what your charcter is like cause i donnot want to be blamed for doing it wrong, 2.make sure to tell me what color is the hair and stuff ok,and how long the hair is and stuff like that DONT have to give me credit...i just like doing it ^^ mmkay simple and easy to follow have a great time ^^.