In published order:


An original gothic novel set in 19th century England. Mansions and mysteries, seduction and madness.

Thomas knows that there's a piece of his life missing. Something about his childhood, something that happened in the old orphanage for boys that his father ran, something so dark and horrible that the ghost of it had manifested to drag him down to hell.

A real fairy tale. --Really!

Published in MAS-Zine #5, The Wicked Ones, Spring 2004.

The Wishberry Wish

Short story. My homage to the Green Man and other male nature spirits, blending Celtic myths with European folklore.
About a young man's quest for beauty, a cursed village, black berries and an enchanting, mysterious forest Lord.

First published in Torquere Press' Myths anthology, October 2004. Currently residing on the Lemons and Cream site.

Bleak Star

Another dark, short story, --with a twist:

Haunted in his dreams by the ethereally beautiful fairy his father has locked away in the basement, Victor comes to learn of love, lust and betrayal.

First published in the Yaoi-Con anthology; Surrender to Darkness, October 2004.Currently living on the Lemons and Cream site.

A Promise of Garnets in Winter

Published as a Torquere Press 'single shot' in January 2006.

The site says:

Nethel is a beautiful prince, with hair of ebony and lips as red as garnets. Born of a beautiful queen and sheltered all his life, Nethel has never met anyone like Ylv.

Ylv is a fighter, as strong and proud as anyone in the kingdom. He can take on all opponents and never lose, but Nethel has the power to bring him to his knees. He�s been waiting for the young prince for a long, long time. Waiting for him to come home, where the wolves run wild.

A fairy tale with a twist, A Promise of Garnets in Winter is a a dark, sensual story that you won�t want to miss!

Healing Pye

One of three short stories making up the first issue of Torquere Press' line of mini-antholgies, Taste Tests in March 2006.
This particular anthy had a fairy tale theme.

Once Upon a Time presents three short fairy tales, some original, some takes on old classics. From a modern day hospital where a Sleeping Beauty tale plays itself out in the sexiest way to an original tale of a minstrrel who loses his voice and looks to a centaur for help to a story of how grieving fathers remember their dead sons, these stories delight and amuse, giving us memorable characters and great fables.

Traditional or not, there’s something in Once Upon a Time for evereyone. True love, hot sex, and the occasional moral light up the pages, and authors Tory Temple, Camilla Bruce and Renee Manley bring out the best in the genre.

Healing Pye is about a very sweet, but unhappy, elf, who's lost his voice, and that's bad because he is a singer. To get help he seeks out an eccentric magician who prescribes a very unusual cure, involving his centaur gardner...


A Torquere Press single shot, September 2006.

The site says: In the beginning, Earth was new: a raw diamond struggling to escape the red mists of birth and creation, to become... So begins Illuminated by Camilla Bruce, a retelling of the fall of Lucifer.Sent by his creator to rid the demons from earth, Lucifer is the morning star, the bright angel of heaven and nothing can escape his fiery sword.

Nothing that is except one last stubborn, clever clan of demons who have made the mountains their stronghold. What happens when Lucifer is tempted? Will he be able to resist the pleasures of the flesh unknown to the angels of heaven? Read this new take on an old myth and find out.


From the Torquere Press shifters anthology "Shifting Again", October 2006.

The site says: The shapeshifter is one of the hottest figures in literature today, and with good reason. There's something about a man who's more than a man, something about the primal instinct, that gets our juices flowing.

Shifting Again has it all, from werewolves to less traditional tigers to a take on the old seal skin legend. Authors like Kara Larson, Camilla Bruce, Sean Michael and Cat Zheng give us the kind of heat and tooth baring animal attraction we've all come to know and love with Shifting and Shifting Too. Grab the tiger by the tail and read Shifting Again today!

Mention of Plums in the review:

Part erotica, part fable, Camilla Bruce’s Plums tells the story of Simon the Ferryman, who carries the bodies of the dead to their final resting place. A haunting story of a star-crossed love, Plums is vividly told.

Basically it's a story about a man and a raven. Some smut, some myth, some faerie and dark magic. Friendship , violence, lust and love...

Plums found a nice spot on the 2007 Gaylactic Spectrum Award's Short List of recommended fiction.

The Collectors

A Torquere Press "Everyday Spectre" novella, November 2006.

The site says: Septarian is an old dragon, or at least he thinks he's too old for the business of collecting young princesses.
Even when one turn up with an essence as rare as it is tempting, he decides he's going to let the opportunity pass. Until he meets Nathaniel, that is.

Nathaniel is young, hot, and very ready to spend some quality time with Septarian. He's confused by Septarian's hot and cold reaction, though, and wonders what he can do to make it hot all the time.
When Septarian's oldest enemy steps in and tries to take Nathaniel away, Septarian realizes what a treasure he has, and vows to hold on to it. Can he keep his most precious prize?

Here's a nice review by Kara Larson, snatched from the Torquere Press site:

From the start, Camilla Bruce's story immediately sucks you into the world of dragons and knights, but not the one you quite expect. Yes, dragons are still the jewel-hording and princess-stealing creatures of legend, but over the years, they've bred with humans and slowly lost their wings. The knights who are their foes aren't strictly human either—in fact, no one's quite sure what they are. And princess, well, that's just a generic term for any pretty human who carries the special essence that both dragons and knights lust after.

This richly-developed world is inhabited by one Septarian, seventh dragon chief of the Den, whose duties currently include running his family's jewelry store and managing the rarer auctions that this store performs. Once a hunter and seducer of princesses, Septarian is forced out of retirement when a particularly enticing princess, a young man working down the street at the ice cream shop, catches his interest…

This Everyday Spectre is full of wonderfully-sympathetic characters, including Septarian, our dragon hero, and his knight rival, Cid. The descriptions are lush and detailed, giving Bruce's world a lovely sense of reality and surreality. This was a fun and fast read, full of playful sexiness, for anyone who enjoys a subtle twist on the legends that we thought we all knew…

After all, there's more than one way to devour an ice cream boy.

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The Passion of Gordon Veil

A Torquere Press Arcana story, September 2007

Card: Seven of Cups.

Much to the amazement of friends and family, drunken Gordon James has become a world famous poet under the name of Gordon Veil. As fantastic as that might seem to all who knew him when, the story of how Gordon made his new life is just as amazing, and far more magical.

A chance meeting with a fairy in a bottle of absinthe leave Gordon questioning his life, and his denial that he finds men attractive. Can it be the fairy who gives him everything he needs, from some hot loving to a new life?

Magenta, the Romance of Scarlet and Red

Torqere Press' Another Fine Mess antholgy, March 2008.

It seemed like a good idea at the time� Ever done something that seemed like a bright idea at the time and lived to tell the tale? That's the idea behind Another Fine Mess. Editor Syd McGinley has gathered ten stories from some of Torquere's favorite authors to prove that everyone has bad days, where getting into a mess is far easier than getting out of one.

Whether they like to get into trouble or ride to the rescue, the boys of Another Fine Mess will leave you wanting more. Featuring authors Lee Benoit, Cassidy Ryan and Laney Cairo, these stories will make you wonder how the guys will ever get out of the messes they make, and thrill you when they do!

In-house review by author CB Potts can be read here.

Some praise for magenta can be found here, and another review is here.

Dark Diva Review

Sage Whistler at the Dark Diva had this to say about Magenta: Another Fine Mess, indeed! Ms. Bruce has a knack for words and poetry fine writing. The descriptions were stellar, the interactions between Red and Scarlet sizzling, and the plot was fun. This was definitely my favorite story, and I look forward to more works from this talented author.

Glitter and Dust

A Torqere Press' Bareback Angels story, July 2008.

Aidan has always lusted after Moira, one of the most beautiful girls in his village. On the night of the harvest dance, Aidan decides to take a chance and finally woo her, but instead of finding her in the woods that night, comes across something else entirely.

Glitter and Dust are fae brother and sister who sweep Aidan off his feet with their unearthly beauty and enticing talents. His night under the stars shows him a world he's never dreamed of, and pleasures he's never imagined. Can he return to his everyday world after such an adventure?

Review by Frost's Fancy at Rainbow Reviews:Young innocent Aidan cares only for beloved Moira and his friendship with the gorgeous Gavin. At the village festival he hopes only that Gavin will avoid Moira and leave her to Aidan's pursuits, yet when he chases what he thinks is the call of a damsel in distress, instead he finds two birds struggling, a crow and a raven. When they prove to be faeries and shifters, Aidan is startled, and needs must prove that he is close to the earth and to nature, and not a fanatic religious believer. In their embrace, he finds more than he could ever imagine.

Glitter and Dust is a heartwarming tale rife with enchanting detail and good characterization. The tension of Aidan's friendship with Gavin balances on a fine point with his fear that handsome Gavin will eventually win Aidan's infatuation, Moira. His discovery of the two shifters and their insistence that he must be a Christian and therefore the enemy is enlightening, and their gradual acceptance of Aidan ~ and his eventual decisions ~ makes the story well worth reading.

A free site hosting series like The little Witch Malakel, Wicked Cat Charlie, Touched and Gems of Twilight. All stories written by Camilla Bruce, with art by Liv Lingborn.

Stand alone e-books:

The Tale of The Fairy Doll Bride: A king and a faerie queen makes a bargain; peace in the wood and between their species if the queen gets to choose the perfect mate for each of the king's three sons. That way the royal line will be mixed up with her fey blood and they will all live happily ever after...So not! Prince Poppel is devastated when he finds out that his lovely faerie bride is not a bride at all, but a groom!

Swan: Swan is inspired by Eastern and Northern European fairy tales. A young prince is accidentally hurting a beautiful man during a hunt, and is quickly falling in love with him. He is unlike anything the prince has ever seen; his eyes are like crushed rubies and his skin is white as snow, crude runes are permanently carved into his chest. And he makes the prince happy. Very much so! But can such magical love last when there is a land that has to be ruled?

The Nix: The nix is a shape-shifting, male water sprite native to Lemons and Cream's homelands in beautiful Scandinavia. As most nature creatures he is fond of abducting and seducing humans. The nix has a particular habit however; he isn't picky about gender. This is the tale of the boy and the nix.


February, 2007

An anthology from Lemons and Cream about Vilder the Hunter, hero, nobleman and protector of the weak.
Demons, pretty Counts and lost young men, oh my!

The book contains three illustrated stories from Vilder's eventful life:

Like the First Lilies of Spring: A story from Vilder's youth. After having been separated for years from his closest friend from childhood due to marriage, distance and titles, Vilder is determined not only see him again but also to serve him his heart on a plate. But the happy, beautiful boy he used to know is not the same as he was, court life and politics has changed the young count in many ways. Can Vilder reach his heart and regain his trust?

Touched: The villagers of Ram are being attacked by demons and ask Vilder the Huntsman for help. Vilder is willing to try, but is shocked to learn that the target of these attacks is a young man called Emar. Shunned by the other villagers and with no family to turn to, Emar is frightened and alone and Vilder decides to help him. Emar is however a youth with many secrets, and protecting him might prove a more challenging task than Vilder had expected.

A Touch of Lilies: After parting with Emar in the woods by Ram, Vilder is fleeing through the forest, desperate to find human company. But he is not alone. With him is a blue shadow, whistling to him from the trees. A shadow representing everything Vilder is not, tempting him with a promise of wild and unrestrained pleasure.

April, 2007

Another gorgeously illustrated book from Lemons and Cream:

Xavier is a young, handsome lawyer who has left his troubled past behind to build a good,normal life with his lovely fiancee. He has dreams though, forbidden, sinful fantasies involving the beautiful, male prostitute who visits his boss every Wednesday. After months of secret yearning Xavier finally decides it is time to see why the image of the pretty, young man keeps haunting him...It is Christmas, it is snow and colored light bulbs, it is the boy in the leopard fur coat and the beginning of a landslide that is about to change Xavier's life forever.

A classic yaoi tale, a "Pretty Woman" gone gay, from Lemons and Cream!