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Center of My Universe

Hey everyone!Welcome to my webie page thingy! I'm still trying to figure it out, so be patient with me. The greatest artists and writers in history didn't make a masterpiece over night you know! So yeah if you can help me out a little bit that'd be so great! But for now, I'm going to try this out and see if I can make it any better. So I'll tell you a little about myself!

I'm Sarah. I'm Sweet Sixteen*woo woo* I'm 5'6 and 121lbs *ick I know!* um I'm just a crazy, fun person! I'm getting into modeling/ singing *go me* and I love to write. I got one of my poems published*woo hoo* That's the main reasin I made this webie page is for like my writings, pictures, ect. Plus it's like this huge giant profile all for me and I love profiles lol!Well hopefully I'll figure all this "shrap" out and get more pages up:) Thanks for visiting and check back soon!Be sure to leave me a note in my Bookie thingy ;-)Byes!

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