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Christina and Brett's Homepage

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Welcome to our website. We apologize, but it is currently in the making, but we hope you enjoy the pictures we have so far.... Our wedding was May 18, 2003. It was held in the beautiful Rainbow Gardens of Las Vegas, NV. It was an evening wedding held by candlelight and twinkle lights. We were happy that some of our friends and family were able to attend. We met in Prescott, Arizona in the fall of 1998. We were both college students at the time. We were friends at first, but there was always some chemistry between us. We started dating in the Spring of 1999, and from there our romance bloomed. Then in April of 2000, Brett was offered a job by NASA and refused to go unless I went with him. How could someone refuse such a charmer? We now live in League City, TX a smaller suburb of Houston. We own our own home and three pets. We have two dogs, Abby and Roxy, and a cat named Ninja. Christina is currently finishing up her bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems, while Brett works his way up the NASA ladder. We are happy to share our wedding with the rest of you who were unable to attend. It was a very special day for the two of us and we hope that you enjoy our pictures.