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the roaring lambs


January 30, 2004


I'm just posting to comment on my feelings about the devotions we are doing. My first comment is about the work it out section on page 67. It asks the question "what makes more sense to you- that the world around you happened by accidental evolution or that it was specially created by our powerful Elohim?" I feel that this question is extremely biased and badly phrased. Of course with the way you are saying it, people will choose the second choice! The word choice of the question just bothers me. Evolution is not accidental. Everything happens for a reason(unless exposed to nuclear radiation or something ^_^). I understand that people of the Christian world are extremely outspoken against evolution and I understand that. But I just want to make it clear that evolution is not just a theory anymore. It is almost treated as a law. The world of science now accepts evolution as a fact because of all the evidence in favor of it. This question from our book just really disturbed me. It's like they are saying that evolution is completely wrong when the world knows it isn't. This to me is ignorance of the authors of this book. Okay...enough about that (this is turning out to be some sort of rant, I think ^^;;).
On page 68, the think it through section talks about God being our Lord and defines that as us being His servants. This section goes on to talk about surrendering yourself more to God. I understand that everything that God says is right but the idea of completely surrendering your self to someone and becoming their servant just seems wrong to me in that sense. I kind of look to God as a father figure who truely cares about my well being and my wishes. The way the book describes it is a master-servant relationship, a relationship in which there is no love between them, only obediance. If Christianity is truely like this, I don't think I would want to be a part of it. I'm just wondering which interpretation is more correct: the one of the father-child relationship or the master-servant relationship. It would be great if someone would clear that up for me.
Okay. Last paragraph here. On page 69, the little story in the gray box talks about the troubles of some people( like a baseball game, teasing, financial troubles) and right underneath it, it mentions that "these anxious, hurting individuals could find real encouragement by studying some of the other names by which God has revealed himself in the Bible." When I read that, I thought "How ridiculous! When someone is in trouble, all they need to do is learn other names for God! Oh, how much sense that makes!" I was wondering how in the world knowing that "El Elyon" and "El Olam" meant God would help one dig up $35 for a retreat that one "feels sure that [one] is supposed to go to." I think the book was kind of desperate here to find some way to tie this subject to the real world because I understand it is hard. But I really didn't think that this was too good of an example at all.
Heh...didn't think it would be that looks like an essay or something.... but I just needed a place to vent my feelings about what I was reading. You can call me cynical but I really think that a bit of doubt about all things is necessary for one's own safety. One who blindly obeys everything is like a sheep who would follow someone into the water but ends up drowning. I know that God is good and kind and wants the best for us all but I like to evalutate and contemplate about things before I decide about them. I know that religion has to do a lot with blind duty and I don't know if I will ever develop that. I'd like to think religion is based more on trust of God and what He tells us. Okees.....that be all...

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hi, little lambs!

hi guys! it's friday! :O) i hope everyone can relax this weekend. As I was reading about God's name being Adonai, I remebered that we had sung a song in choir for our christmas concert, and the words were, "Veni,Veni, Adonai". I never looked that up before, and now im glad i know what that means! anyone know what "veni" means? maybe "come"?

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January 28, 2004


howdy yall!

just sayin hi :o))) first post!! eeeeeee i'm so excited about doing our devotions together!! hmm loll sowwies i haven't had time to post n e yet.. it's comin!
awwwwws our site is so... blank.. sowwies.. i know i'm suppose to help spice it up haha, but iono where to fix the code and things yet.. so as soon as i figure that out, our blog will be offf the hook! yeeeep!
haha lolllies- useless entry hehe

okies well i'm out for now :o) can't wait to read yall's entries!!! :o))) talk to yall lata!! eeeeeeeeee

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dropping a note

sup ladies,

just wanted to drop in and say hi, i'm going to seattle this weekend to check out a seminary - will be thinking of Lighthouse when i'm out there - man... seattle is going to be raining the whole time i'm there! anyhow keep prayin, keep lovin, peace

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January 26, 2004

I suppose I had an okay day as well...just school...and after school practice for was sooo cold!!! and I was wearing shorts! I couldn't feel my fingers afterwards. It's still kind of hard to type right now. I actually did the devotion on Saturday night because I knew that I would probably forget by today. I didn't think it made me think too deeply. Just about how God's name is Yahweh. I hope that entry was relevant enough to fit whatever the qualifications are. So, hope everyone is working hard! ^^

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What is goin' on??? I think was an awesome idea to have a blog kinda thing goin' on. How was everyone's Monday? Anything exciting goin' on??? My day was alright... it was a blah day if you know what I mean, nothing really exciting happened. I just felt like going to home when I first stepped into the doors of Westwood.
So... has anyone started on the YW devotions yet? I think I'm going to start either tonight or tomorrow morning. I like the two topics that we are going over. They sound interesting. Well, I just wanted to see how everyone. Have a good rest of the week.
PeAcE =}

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Hey girlies-

Welcome to our weblog thingy!!! Feel free to post and have fun. If you have any questions let me know.

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