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(That's my pic. Ewww.. I look lk a Chipmunk ... LOL)

Name: Brigitte Kim (As If)

Nickname: Bright, Cory Flink, Facalaca, Budoy, Kambal

Location: SB

Family: Divorced Parents.. I'm living w/ my mom.. My dad is n the philippines..
Twin sister... and Older sister

Race: Flipina... A lil' Spanish

Language Spoken: English, Tagalog and a lil' of other languages

Occupation: Student

Expertise: Whining.  Maybe Drawing

Hobbies: Playing Videogames, Working on my website (I'm not really good w/ computers) Looking at Tae Hyung,

Thinking of Tae Hyung, Listening to Korean, Japanes, Chinese and sometimes Filipino music,

Browsing online, Going to Korean Stores, Buy Korean Anime, Downloading, Chatting, Watching

Taiwanese and Chinese Soap Operas. 

Bands/Singers: Click-b especially Kim Tae Hyung, Yoo Ho Suk and Oh Jong Hyuk. 
I lk H.O.T. too.. also Hanul, TAKE and NRG.. I lk Kangta (He is hella FIONE... hehehe)

Song: Come on by Hanul

To be continued by Click-b

Hit Song by NRG

Color: Green, Black, Red

Movies: The Matrix, Pakisabi Na Lang, X-men, Star Wars

T.V. shows: I used to lk DBZ a lot but I stop b/c I'm alwayz online.. Now I lk Korean Music Shows lk Revolution and KMC..

But I kinda got dissapointed b/c I lk MVH better than KMC.. Arggg.. Oh yeah i lk watching ROAD RULES too.

Actor/ Actress: Keanu Reeves, Cogie Domingo, Lucy Lu, Jackie Chan,

Books: Im not into reading anymore.. I used to lk reading Harry Potter...

Videogames: Harvest Moon, Super Smash

Cartoon Character: Mario, Mashimaro, Puca, Tarepanda, Android 18, Trunks, Bumblebee man

Food: Korean Barbeque, Chinese Food, Unagi, Mochi ICE CREAM!!!!!!



Guy: Azn.. (Chinese, Korean, Burmese... Hehehe... sometimes I lk flip guyz.. )

(Lol... I dont really lk the flip guyz in my school.. they're all wannabe gangsta.. THUGS)

I lk... Tall, light and Skinny... I dont lk really smart guyz b/c i dont want to be the dumb one... smart is OK.

Also I lk shy guyz.. and guyz who dont sag and wear gangsta clothes. 

Music: Korean

Style: I'm lk red and black I wear it most of the times... I dont look  gothic.. I'm really

simple in clothing.. I dont wear makeup or any accesories...  I dont really fix my hair..

Games: I'm into games lk the SIMS and I'm into Nintendo games lk Supersmash Melee.. I lk cutsie

games ^_^


Other Stuff about me: I'm ADDICTED .. My computer is lk a drug... LOL. I dont lk going out..

I love staying HOME.  I hav a twin sister..u could tell the difference b/c she looks

a lot better than me.. Hmmm... I guess I'm not confident. Oh i criticize lots of stuff... so dont ask me if

u dont want criticism...