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And So It Is...

9 Spiritual Mind Treatments for Daily Living

Spiritual Mind Treatment is intentional, metaphysically-based prayer. This way of praying was refined through the work of Ernest Holmes, author of Science of Mind.

“Scientific Prayer” is taught in many new thought traditions and is based on the essential truth of One Mind, over All and in All. These treatments are meant to be felt and heard through both the heart and mind. I hope they are a blessing to you, as they have been for me in the creation of them.

I have been a student of metaphysics for over 30 years, with roots in eastern mysticism and Christian Science. Science of Mind has allowed me to combine these diverse traditions into a heart-based way of living. If you are interested in spiritual mind treatment, please feel free to e-mail me at

Love is root, branch and leaf.

And so it is...

Laurie Knowles

Contents of "And So It Is..."
bullet   New Morning
bullet   Health
bullet   Energy
bullet   Relationships
bullet   Abundance
bullet   Freedom
bullet   Enlightenment
bullet   Enough Good
bullet   Restful Sleep

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