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Ya know what i noticed whenever i usually go to candykids or raver's personal sites?? those cute lil stories and things about what is a raver  and i think they are kinda fun to read when i'm reeeeeally bored... so im following the trend... i got a bunch off of other peoples sites =X hehe no i didn't write anyof them... i'm not trying to take credit for other peoples work... just to let you know ...

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Little Red Raver Girl
Raver Judgment Day
You know you're a raver when you...
You Know You're a REAL Raver When....
Raver's Alphabet
The 10 commandments of party phone messages.
THe 10+ commandments of rave
11 Things (YOU) can do to support a healthy scene. . .
Ravers Manifesto
The 10 Rules of Raving Rights
How to Spot a Raver
Raver tips
Candy Kids
Things todo with a dead glowstick
Raver's Vocabulary
What kind of Raver are you?
-=Candy Kids=-
Raver Checklist
Things you'll hear...
Raver Self Defense
30 reasons why a rave is better than school
a RAVE ...
What we love about raves..
CandyKid Love is...........
The Story Of Rainbow Raver
CUTE ways to enjoys your candyness to the MAX!




Little Red Raver girl

Once upon a time, cuz, heck, what better time than that, there lived Little Red
Raver Girl. She was a happy little girl who loved to wear baggy overalls and the
grooviest striped shirts. Her red pigtails and keen shoes could charm the
Blow-Pop (tm) out of any raver's mouth.

Well, it seems that Little Red Raver Girls's promoter grandmother was not
feeling so hot cuz an event she was throwing wasn't going so great. Little Red
Raver Girl decided to take a skippity trip over to her grandma' s house to
deliver some lollipops, a new whistle, and a hit of X. She only wanted Grandma
Promoter to feel better. :)

Little Red Raver Girl set out into the scary city with a warning from her tired
out hippy mother, who warned her of the evils of the world. As usual it went in
one ear and out the other. Little Red Raver Girl only wanted peaz and unity and
didn't like to hear about the bad people out there because they gave off such
bad vibes.

Hippity, trippy skipping down the avenue whistling some housy, funky toon,
Little Red Raver Girl hardly noticed the Big Bad Gothic Girl come out of the
shadows of an alley.

"Whoa!" said Little Red Raver Girl, "You put quite a fright into me!"

"Yeah, whats new?" angrily replied the Big Bad Gothic Girl.

"Hey, you wanna sticker? I got heart stickers!! Or how about a lollipop?" asked
Little Red Raver Girl.

"Nah, I don't want no stinking lollipop," gothically replied Big Bad Gothic
Girl. "Where you think you're headed to in this dark, cold, miserable world
of ours??"

"Well," said Little Red Raver Girl, "i'm off to see Grandma Promoter to deliver
some goodies so she can be happy and throw
the phattest event this side of the world."

"Big event eh?" interestingly replied Big Bad Gothic Girl. She thought to
herself, "Hmmmm....you know I bet if I get those goodies I could throw a dark,
scary event the way I want it."

"Well, I best be off now. Peace, love and unity to you Ms. Gothic Girl."

"Uhh...yeah, sure."

And Little Red Raver Girl was off. But so was Big Bad Gothic Girl. Seeing as how
she hung out in dark alleys all night she happened to know a shortcut to Grandma
Promoter's warehouse. She sped ahead to beat Little Red Raver Girl there.

Little Red Raver Girl continued on her way wondering why someone would paint
their face chalk white and wear all black clothing on such a beautiful day. Just
as she was daytripping this she ran into a funky phresh young man stepping from
a record store.

"Yowza!" exclaimed Little Bloo DJ Guy, "Sorry about the bumping action there."

"Oh excuse me! I wasn't watching where I was going. Would you like a sticker? A

"Yeah! Sure! Thanks a lot!"

"Here ya go," said Little Red Raver Girl as she stuck on a groovy frog sticker
onto Little Bloo DJ Guy's chest. She hands him a lollipop and asks, "Are you a
DJ by any chance?"

"I certainly am! In fact i'm supposed to be spinning later at Grandma Promoters
event. You going??"

"Yesssss!!! I'm her granddaughter! I'm Little Red Raver Girl! I bet you are
Little Bloo DJ Guy then!" exclaimed she. Quite a good guess too seeing as how
he had on a bloo hoody shirt with "Bloo DJ" in holographic type on it. She's
quite the quick witted one ya know. :)

"Yep! That's me! I'm sooo happy to meet you! Hey, I gotta run but i'm going over
to Grandma Promoter's Houze of Funky Toons for the Pre-Party, so I hope I see
you there," said Little Bloo DJ Guy.

"You sure will. Be seeing you later!" happily exclaimed Little Red Raver Girl.
And off went Little Bloo Dj Guy. Little Red Raver Girl breathed a sigh, for
Little Bloo DJ Guy was sooo sweet and just the nicest guy she had met in the
longest time. She really wanted to hear him spin and get to know him better.
"Maybe at the pre-show," she excitedly thought.


Back at Grandma Promoter's Houze of Funky Toons, the bass was bumping as Grandma
prepared for the rave and was stressing hard getting ready for the show. Then,
all of a sudden a "ding, dong, boom boom boom" came from her specially designed

"Who is it??" asked Grandma Promoter.

"Tis me! Little Red Raver Girl" replied a slightly gruff and not quite happy

"I best let her in to help me and cheer her up. She sounds as bad as I do!"
thought Grandma Promoter to herself and opened the door.

As soon as she had in leaped Big Bad Gothic Girl and she quickly tied up Grandma
Promoter in a extra long pair of fishnet stockings and handcuffed her to the
sink in the bathroom with her handcuff belt.

"You can't do this! It doesn't promote peace and unity!" cried Grandma Promoter.
"Lemme go and i'll hook you up with a hit of X and you can dance all night with
us and feel the groove. I guarantee you'll feel better."

"Nice try grandma. Stuff it," and Big Bad Gothic Girl promptly crammed a black
candle into Grandma Promoter's mouth to quiet her down. She then went on to
change the music to something much less happy and got into some of Grandma's
clothes. "Ick...these are soooo bright and happy. I think i'll throw up."

At just about the time she was done there came a sound in the warehouse, "ding,
dong boom boom boom."

"Yeah, who is it??" asked Big Bad Gothic Girl who was now dressed like Grandma

"It's me!! Little Red Raver Girl!!" came the reply. "Let me in Grandma! We need
to change that music and make you feel phresh!"

Big Bad Gothic Girl opened the door and let Little Red Raver Girl in.

"Why Grandma! What a pale, icky, clammy white face you have!" said Little Red
Raver Girl.

"The better to scare you with my dear." came the reply.

"Why Grandma! What morbid, black fingernails you have!" exclaimed Little Red
Raver Girl.

"The better to scratch off your face with you little happy hippie wanna be!!"
yelled Big Bad Gothic Girl and she LEAPED from her baggies and pounced on
Little Red Raver Girl.

Just at that moment the door swung open and in sped Little Bloo DJ Guy with his
patented Bag O' DJ Music. He rapidly threw on the phattest of toons and started
spinning and cutting it up as best as he could.

As he did this, a strange feeling overcame Big Bad Gothic Girl. She felt a
pumping bass shaking her body. She felt a warmth overcome her entire soul. She
wanted to stop almost, but she couldn't help herself from getting up off of
Little Red Raver Girl and dance. She got down. She boogied. She threw massive
moves. Little Red Raver Girl rushed to the john and freed Grandma Promoter.
They went out to the dancefloor right as a large crowd had gathered at the door.
The pre-party was in full effect and at the heart of it was Big Bad Gothic Girl
dancing everyone into amazement. She gave everyone a hug and some a kiss she
felt so good. The vibe was the best they had ever felt that night. Grandma's
event went off like never before and was of legend promoter proportions. Little
Bloo Dj Guy spun his best set and fell deeply in love with Little Red Raver Girl
to everyones happiness.

And they lived happily ever after.

the end.

Juggler Noah Lee -ih23@utep.bitnet

Raver Judgment Day

As the Christians of the earth believe in the final judgment of
mankind, so
Do I believe in the Judgment Day of the underground.

I believe there will come a day when each and every raver of the earth
shall face their judgment. Before entering the Golden Gates of
each and every raver shall fall to their knees in fear and awe of the
uniting Force that is Music.

And the music will ask...
My child did you know me?
Or did you mockingly just recite my lyrics?

And the music will ask...
My child did you dance?
Or were you still as if heavy stones were in your shoes...thus not

And the music will ask...
My child were you faithful?
Or were you easily swayed into the mainstream river of sin?

And the Music will ask...
My Child did you support your DJ's whom I sent to show you the way?
Or did you bash their playing with an unclean tongue?

And the music will ask...
My child did your heart pound to my beat?
Or was it slowed by the hate that taints the scene?

And the music will ask...
My child did you use the drugs to uplift me?
Or did you abuse them to the point where you were motionless?

And lastly the music will ask...
My child did you love your family as if by blood?
Or did you drown in the drama and cause hurt to your scene?

And the raver shall answer all of the above honestly for the music
the truth.

And if the answers are the good of the two the golden gates will open and

the eyes will be delighted at the sight of an enormous city with not walls

made of stone but towering speakers larger than mountains encrusted with

Gold and rubies and emeralds, and pounding with a number of watts

unthinkable to man. And the dance floors are so inviting as they are made

of pearl and call to your feet, and the sound is Crystal clear as it never

stops. This party never ends as it's attendants never grow tired, and

their thirsts are quenched by a cold sparkling river who's water runs free

and untainted, and the glowsticks never die as the night sky is always dark

with thousands of silver stars and no sun will rise to cancel it in all

it's glory. And the DJ's all wear halos as they bring the music which

brings the vibe that fills each raver with peace and love and respect for

one another, for those are the elements that make this party eternal.

And all those who fall short of the glory of the music will be sentenced to

the world where the music will no longer be heard and the people will no

longer dance.

by Clover

You know you're a raver when you...

*can perfectly understand and have amazing conversations with anyone under the age of ten.
*know where the best toy stores are.
*get the most mileage out of your sneakers. The toes and heels always curl because they are so worn down.
*don't have your age calculated in months, yet still wear and use a pacifier.
*always consider every new place you go as a possible location for a party.
*hug everyone.
*can dance.
*can be found dancing everywhere EXCEPT the main dance floor.
*know the best place to meet new kidz and have a philosophical conversation at a party--the bathroom!
*choose your clothes by texture, color, size, and price.
*love homemade clothes because you've seen the price tag on a pair of JNCO's.
*get the most enjoyment out of guito stories.
*always order water when at a club.
*know the most likely spot to find other ravers within a mile radius.
*don't bother meeting your friends ahead of time, your friends are always already there!
*give the best hugs and massages.
*have a one track mind. It goes "thump thump tweet, thump thump tweet, thump."
*constantly point out the trippy visuals in everyday life.
*kept Adidas in business through their "not-so-popular" years.
*never know the name of your favorite tracks.
*know how to SMILE!
* always choose "e" on multiple choice questions when you're not sure which answer it is.
*are good at playing "guess what he's on."
*will say "hi" to people you don't know, yet always see.
*define the music you listen to as "GOOD."
*know what to do with a dead glowstick.
*get overly-excited when someone offers you a Blowpop.
*know the REAL meanings for the letters "K" and "E."
*eat breakfast in the afternoon.


You Know You're a REAL Raver When....

You have sleeping patterns that would kill normal human beings.
You start coveting all of your dad's old 1977 polyester sweatsuits.
Almost every letter of the alphabet has an alternate meaning to you.
You begin to think of blow-pops as a seperate food group.
The mere mention of a 3 digit number with a "0" in the middle of it causes you to drool uncontrollably.
The odometer of your car increases in big chunks over the weekend.
You get an evil grin every time you see commercials for "E: the entertainment network".
You have to fight back the urge to beat the hell out everyone who thinks raves are like the club scene in Basic Instinct.
You can keep a straight face when you tell people "really, not that many people are on anything....i'm serious!"
You are happy when there's a recession because it means more empty warehouses.
Food, water, air, Vick's...all are about of equal importance.
You can live for an entire weekend out of your bookbag.
You are no longer just a raver...but a promoter, vendor, DJ, etc...
You know about the INFORMATION POLICE.
You're white and have dreads.
You have trouble naming 5 friends who are not pierced SOMEWHERE.
You'll pay $20 for a ticket to an event that may very well not happen... and you'll pay $30 for a pill that may very well be aspirin...but you WILL NOT pay $1.00 for that big glass of water!
You can't pass an empty warehouse, church, school, big open field, barn, airplane hanger, phone booth, nuclear power plant, etc...without getting that far-off look in your eye and saying...'wow, what a great site for a...
When you see Capn Crunch 4 times in one week!
You not only notice that household appliances like washing machines can generate a funky beat, you also argue about whether it's tribal or trance.
and even then you're not a TRUE RAVER...because no one but myself can possibly THINK about calling themselves a TRUE RAVER!

Raver's Alphabet

A - acceptance
B - blowpops
C - community
D - dr. seuss
E - ecstasy
F - phat
G - groove
H - hugs
I - infinity
J - jam
K - kisses
L - love
M - music
N - nootropics
O - openness
P - peace
Q - quest
R - respect
S - sharing
T - tranquility
U - unity
V - vibe
W - waterbottle
X - xlarge pants
Y - youth
Z - ZZZzzz...

The 10 commandments of party phone messages:

Thou shalt include the ticket price information.
Thou shalt refrain from rambling about thy philosophical beliefs.
Thou shalt be punctual. Tary not after the promised hour.
Thou shalt keep the music at the beginning to a minimum.
Thou shalt play music representative of the music played at the gathering.
Thou shalt keep the background music low enough for callers to hear thy message.
Thou shalt summarize the location before going into long-winded directions.
Thou shalt not insult the caller or overstate the lineup, lest bad karma accumulate against thee.
Thou shalt not record the message if thou hast an heavy accent; be not full of pride, but let thy non-accented brother or sister record the message.
Thou shalt not speak of PLUR on the phone message, only to hold a party that looketh like no more than a beer bust, lest thy fellow ravers strike thee for blasphemy.

THE 10+ commands of rave

Thou shalt not kill the atmosphere with overt sex on the dancefloor.
Thou shalt not holdest a 40 while dancing, for the other ravers shall not hold him
guiltless, who wields a Colt 45 on the dance-floor.
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors glowstick, niether his nitrous balloon, nor his
ecstasy, nor his spot on the dancefloor.
Thou shalt not holdest thy cigarette while catching a groove on the dance floor. For the
other ravers might suffer burning flesh wounds or ruined rave gear.
Thou shalt smile at the gentleman or lady moving to the beat nearest thou.
Thou shalt not upset the holy Technics by jumping near or on the DJ.
Thou shalt not play gabber in the chill room.
Thou shalt wear extra deoderant so as not to offend thy neighbors nose.
Thou shalt use smoke so as to better envelope thy fellow ravers.
Thou shall announce all disc jockeys prior to their appearance.
Thou shall provide free fruit so as to replenish the thirst and appetites of thy bretheren
Thou shall open some door so as to allow the winds of freshness to cool thy
Thou shalt offer gum, candy, and most importantly WATER to those raving maniacs
with whom thou cometh in contact.
Thou shalt not touch thine mouth to thine neighbor's water bottle, as plague and virus
thus spread rapidly throughout the community.
Thou shalt not grimace nor act angry when bumped by a passer-by, but smile and say:
"no problemo."
Thou shalt blow thy party whistle and wave thine hands in the air when the music lifts
thine spirit.
Thou shalt not pass out chemical concoctions of thine own invention to fellow ravers.
Only those tried and true chemical combinations that have been accepted by ravers since
time immemorial shalt thou pass out.
Thou shalt not scam thy fellow raver.

11 Things (YOU) can do to support a healthy scene. . .

Leave your attitudes at the door!
Look at the person next to you and SMILE!
Realize you are (NOT) the center of the universe
Realize, though, (YOU) can change things.
Exploit Technology
Learn (YOUR) Culture!
Learn (Somebody Else's Culture)
Support (Progressive) Radio, Artists and Labels!
Support Independent Media!
Go to a club/party (YOU) wouldn't normally go to.

Ravers Manifesto

Our emotional state is ecstasy.
Our nourishment of choice is love.
Our addiction of choice is technology.
Our religion of choice is music.
Our currency of choice is knowledge.
Our politics of choice is none.
Our society of choice is utopian.

You may hate us.
You may dismiss us.
You may misunderstand us.
You may be unaware that we exist.
We can only hope you do not care to judge us because we would never judge

We are no criminals.
We are not disillusioned.
We are not drug addicts.
We are not naÔve children.
We are one massive, global, tribal village that transcends man-made law,
physical geography, and time itself.
We are The Massive: One Massive.

We were first drawn by the sound. From far away the thunderous, muffled,
echoing beat was comparable to a mothers heart soothing a child in her womb
of concrete, steel, and electrical wiring. We were drawn back into this
womb, and there, in the heat, dampness, and darkness of it, we came to
accept that we are all the same. We came to accept that we are all equal.
Not only to the darkness, and to ourselves, but to the very music slamming
into us and passing through our souls: and somewhere around 35Hz, we could
feel the hand of God at our backs pushing us forward, pushing us to push
ourselves to strengthen our minds, bodies, and spirits. Pushing us to turn
to the person beside us to join hands and uplift them by sharing the
uncontrollable joy we felt from creating this magical bubble that can, for
one evening, protect us from the horrors, atrocities and pollution of the
outside world. It is in that very instant with these very realizations that
each of us is truly born. We continue to pack ourselves into clubs,
warehouses, or buildings youve abandoned and left for naught, and we bring
life to them for one night; strong, throbbing, vibrant life in its purest,
most intense, most hedonistic form. In these makeshift soaves, we seek to
shed ourselves of the burden of uncertainty for a future you have been
unable to stabilize and secure for us. We seek to relinquish our inhibitions
and free ourselves from the shackles and restraints that youve put on us for
your own peace of mind.

We seek to re-write the programming that you have tried to indoctrinate us
with since the moment we were born. Programming telling us to hate, that
tells us to judge, that tells us to stuff ourselves with the nearest most
convinant pigeonhole possible. Programming that even tells us to climb the
ladders, jump through the hoops, and run through the mazes for you.
Programming that tells us to eat from the silver spoon that you are trying
to feed us with, instead of nourishing ourselves with our own capable hands.
Programming that tells us to close our minds, instead of opening them!

Until the sun raises to burn our eyes by revealing the distorted reality of
the world youve created for us, we dance fiercely with our brothers and
sisters in celebration of our life, of our culture, and of the values we
believe in: Peace, Love, Freedom, Tolerance, Unity, Harmony, Expression,
Responsibility, and Respect.

Our Enemy of choice is ignorance.
Our weapon of choice is information.
Our crime of choice is breaking and challenging whatever laws you feel you
need to put in our place to stop us from celebrating our existence.

But know that while you may shut down any given party, on any given night,
in ant given city, in and given country or continent on this beautiful
planet, you can never shut down the entire party. You dont have access to
that switch no matter what you think.

The Music will never stop - The Heartbeat will never fade - The Party will
never end.

I am a Raver, and this is my Manifesto.

The 10 Rules of Raving Rights

1. Knowledge is power in all scenes, so don't be afraid to ask the "old
skoolers" questions, no matter how stupid you may think they (the
questions, not the "old skoolers") are.

2. The scene is based on the music, not the drugs, if you can't have fun
at a party sober then you shouldn't be going at all.

3. If you do chose to do drugs PLEASE do so responsibly. If you go
to the gas station the morning after a party and the clerk can tell that
you are on drugs then you have done too much. Never buy from someone that
you don't know -- if you do then eventually you will get riped off and
you may put something in to your body that you can't handle.

4. If you chose to do drugs be discrete about it. Drugs are illegal!
They are what gives the scene a bad name so be smart about it, it only
takes one arrest/OD/blatantly obvious drug user to shut down an entire
city's scene.

5. VERY IMPORTANT ----- know your promoters. Ask around before
attending an event thrown by a promoter that you have never heard of.
This could save you a night of stress and wasted money.

6. Know the music, if you can tell the difference between glass and crank,
but you don't know the difference between Ambient and Happy Hardcore then you
need to reevaluate your priorities.

7. Practice PLUR...... Peace Love Unity Respect. If this is a bit
too much for you to do all at once then at least start out with Respect,

8. Try to steer away from forming cliques, this isn't highschool.

9. Have fun and dance, that's what it's all about. It doesn't matter
if you can dance or not. If you are contributing to the positive vibe of
the party then that's all that counts.

10. Years from now remember what it was like to be a newbie to the
scene and treat the newbies you meet in the future the way you want to be
treated now. Educate them; don't look down upon them, they are the only
way that the scene will continue to thrive.


 How to Spot a Raver

~ Ravers can perfectly understand and have amazing conversations with
anyone under the age of ten.
~ Ravers know where all the best toy stores are.
~ Ravers get the most mileage out of their shoes. The toes and heels always
curl up because they're so worn down.
~ Ravers always wish the dj would spin that OC Transpo track that they keep
hearing on the bus ride home.
~ Ravers are the only people who don't have their age calculated in months,
yet still wear and use pacifiers.
~ Ravers always consider every new place they go to as a possible location
for a party.
~ Ravers hug EVERYONE.
~ Ravers can DANCE.
~ Ravers can be found dancing everywhere EXCEPT the main dance floor.
~ Ravers understand the art of the bathroom conversation.
~ Ravers choose their clothes by texture, colour, and size.
~ Ravers love homemade clothes because they've seen the price tag on a pair
of Lithiums.
~ Ravers get the most enjoyment out of gino/guito stories.
~ Ravers always order water when they go out to clubs.
~ Ravers realize that "Evian" spells "naivE" backwards.
~ Ravers notice that the doors near the Mackenzie King Bridge have an "e"
on the handle.
~ Ravers always know the most likely spot to find other ravers within a
one-hundred foot radius.
~ Ravers don't bother planning to meet their friends ahead of time, their
friends are always already there.
~ Ravers don't say "Nice shoes, wanna fu#k?"
~ Ravers give the best hugs and massages.
~ Ravers have a one track mind. It goes "thump thump tweet thump tweet
~ Ravers constantly point out the trippy visuals in everyday life.
~ Ravers helped Adidas through the "lean" years.
~ Ravers never know the name of their favorite tracks.
~ Ravers know how to SMILE.
~ Ravers always choose "e" on multiple choice questions.
~ Ravers are good at playing "guess what he's on".
~ Ravers will say "hi" to those people they don't know, yet always see on
the bus.
~ Ravers can't watch Electric Circus without it being muted.
~ Ravers define the style of music they listen to as "good".
~ Ravers know what to do with a dead glowstick.

Raver tips

~Give yourself a gold star for everything you do today.
~Dot all your "i"'s with smiley faces
~Grow a milk mustache
~Read the funnies Throw the rest of the paper away
~Dunk your cookies
~Ask somebody if their refrigerator is running
~Play a game where you make up the rules as you go along
~Order with eyes that are bigger than your stomach
~Open a pack of cupcakes and give one to a friend even though you wanted both of them for yourself
~Pretend your bread rolls are tap dancing
~Step carefully over sidewalk cracks
~Change into some play clothes
~Try to get someone to trade you a better sandwich
~Eat ice cream for breakfast
~Give someone a "Hug-around-the-neck"
~Blow the wrapper off a straw
~Refuse to eat crusts
~Make a face the next time somebody tells you "no"
~Ask "Why?" a lot
~Make graham-cracker-and-frosting sandwiches
~Believe in fairy tales
~Have someone read you a story
~Eat dessert first
~Wear your favorite shirt with your favorite pants even if they don't match
~Sneak some frosting off a cake
~Hide your vegetables under your napkin
~Whatever you're doing, stop once in a while for recess
~Make a "slurpy" sound with your straw when you get to the bottom of a milkshake
~Put way too much sugar on your cereal
~Play a song you like really loud, over and over
~Find some pretty stones and save them
~Make cool screeching noises every time you turn a corner
~Fuss a little, then take a nap
~Take a running jump over a big puddle
~Enjoy your all-time favorite candy-bar (Forget you've heard of calories!)
~Say "duh" when stuff is obvious
~Throw something and when it lands make a cool exploding bomb noise
~Put an orange slice in your mouth, peel side out, and smile at people
~Stay up late watching scary movies
~Ride a roller coaster two times in a row
~Sing the "I see London, I see France" song to someone wearing low-slung pants
~Write your sweetie's initials in a chalk heart on the sidewalk
~Run through the sprinkler with all your clothes on
~Catch lightning bugs in a jar and make a lantern
~Yell out "opposite day!" then tell someone they're really smart
~Wear a bubble gum machine ring
~Make somebody laugh just when they start to drink something
~Talk to your invisible friend
~Play with your younger siblings toys
~Stick your hand in the fish bowl, try to catch one...
~Buy pajamas with feet
~Ask someone if they like "see-food"
~Avoid the opposite sex at all cost on account of "cooties"
~Wave at the drivers in the cars behind you
~Climb in and out of the windows of cars, just like they did in Dukes of Hazzard
~Play dress up complete with costume jewelry, shoes that don't fit, and an enormous hat that looks ridiculous
~Stick your head out the car window and moo if you see a cow

Candy Kids

What is a Candy Kid?
A candy kid is a raver with such positive vibe that they feel they need to turn themselves inside out and wear thier vibe, being a candy kid has to do with the way you veiw life and you live it thru PLUR..peace, love unity, and respect. Someone is not a candy kid because of what they WEAR its whats INSIDE them and how they use it.....

What do Candy Kids wear?
A typical candy kid can be seen wearing many candie necklaces with toys attatched, many bracelets, perhaps a huge plastic toy wallet chain, bright colored clothing, cartoon shirts or pants, a kids backpack, faux fur pants(phun fur), tons of glitter, stickers...and any other things that fit their personality...and brings out the inner child in them.
Not all candy kids dress the part, but are still TRUE candy kids at heart...some kiddies dress candy everyday...while other's may not.

What is Candie Jewlery?
Candie jewlery consists of plastic beads that are bought in craft stores, toy stores, and fabric stores. The kid will spend sometimes hours stringing beads on to elastic string to make bracelets and necklaces for himself/herself or ones to be givin out. Pattern's on bracelets show time and thought. Sometimes toys will be strung onto the necklaces. The beads are cheap and inexpensive, candy kids will spend tons of money on beads tho. The kid will give out or trade with other ravers throught out the nite. Although, the kid might keep sentalmental ones for thereself. The bracelets simply shows a token of friendship.
~Where did this fashion come from?
This style of dress originated from the ecstacy dealers of the rave scene years ago. The dealer would be the Candy Kid. Since they were bright and easy to spot, all the ravers would know he/she had ecstacy. Later on the fashion style caught on as regular rave attire and the link between ecstacy and the Candy Kid slowly began to seperate. Not all Candy Kids do drugs.

What types of music do Candy Kids listen to?
The majority of Candy Kids tend to favor Happy Hardcore and Trance..Still, Candy Kids are people, so the taste of music can differ from kid to kid.

Remember being CANDY is NOT a FASHION!!!!! it is a state of MIND only understood by the hardcore candy kids.

Things todo with a dead glowstick

~Throw it at people to get their attention (( :: chucks it at jesus' head:: LOLzz))
~Direct traffic
~Cover it with wax and use it as a candle
~Use it as ammunition for a gun
~Claim it as something aliens gave you so that you'll be the center of talk
~Hang them on christmas trees
~Use it as a gift for relatives you don't know, but are forced to buy gifts for
~Sell them, might as well make the money back...right??
~Start a collection...trade with your friends
~Scratch your back
~Take it for walks
~Introduce it to your parents
~Use it as a doorstop
~Take it out on dates
~Make a belt
~Paint a face on it. You never know, it could become your best friend
~Give it a bath. Hey! everyone deserves to feel clean
~Glue it to your head, go shopping, watch people's reactions...jot them down
~Play fetch with your dog
~Use it as a drumstick
~Use it as one of the hands for your broken clock
~Run around like a lunatic while waving it around in your hand
~Give it it's own room...it deserves privacy too!!
~Give it a name
~Marry it to your toaster
~Write a book about it
~Tell it that you love it
~Plant it in your garden
~Blame it for all the misery in your life
~Introduce it to your boss...then he'll give you that raise
~Introduce it to your therapist
~Scare people with it
~Beat people with it for sexual pleasure
~Put it through college
~Get it a haircut
~Get it a talk show
~Buy it a coke...or a pepsi
~Get it registered to vote
~Get it drunk
~SCREAM at it
~Tell it to get a job
~Cry with it
~Tell it to quit smoking
~Give it mouth-to-stick in hopes of reviving it
~Bring it together with other glowsticks for a reunion party
~Send it off on vacation
~Pamper it
~Use it as some sort of compass
~Use it as a teether
~Juggle with it
~Pretend it's a microphone...for when you just HAVE to sing!
~Dip it in ink and use it as a pen
~Perfect for tossing at your buddy's head
~Put it in your pants for that "are you happy to see me?" look
~Bring it to a rave...for old times sake

Raver's Vocabulary

Rollin'  being on Extasey
Kickin' it chillin'
Phat really cool
Tight too cool
Spinnin' what dj's do
Trippin' seeing stuff that isn't there
Candy jewelry, food group
Kandy Kid  those super cute kidz that give u candy, stickers, hugs, and good vibes
Skank ~ slutty girl
Hoochie ~ gangster girl
G-Funk ~ rapper
Burnt ~ feeling of exhaustion
Chillin' ~ taking a break
Crash ~ to sleep
Flyer ~ the main promotional tool, lists info. on a party and is full of graphix
Going off ~ when it feels impossible to stop dancing
Hella ~ a large amount of something
Mack daddy ~ a guy who goes to raves to try to hit on innocent lil' raver girls
Promoter ~ the person who throws a party or rave
Props ~ thank you's
Rave ~ an event usually running between 10pm-7am includes dancing, running around, meeting new people, and socializing with old friends
Teaser ~ pre-flyer listing usually only a name, date, and infoline
Twinkie ~ a girl who goes to a party or rave only because its the cool thing to do, easily recognized by skimpy skirts and shoes that look impossible to dance in (eeks))
Visuals ~ the lighting display, usually consists of strobe lights, lasers, and projections
Water ~ a raver's lifeblood
drum 'n' bass ~ music consisting of high, fast-paced drum beats and deep, hard hitting basslines
happy hardcore aka happycore~ music consisting of hard bas beats and a happy, uplifting sounds, very melodic often with pianos and female vocals
Jungle ~ music consisting of drum 'n' bass
Trance ~ a 4/4 beat often with layers of repetitive sounds and long sections of melody resulting in very complex musical patterns

What kind of Raver are you?

How to spot 'em: clothes have a washed out look, the prints on t-shirts faded, etc..
Where to find 'em: in the backround, the dark, ticket booth, and all anniversary rave celebrations
Pros: They can answer all rave questions, and talk about "when it was $5 to get in, and you got free water"
Cons: Complain about how it used to be $5 to get in with free water, and how raves used to be better and the people don't have the same attitude anymore.
How to spot one: More glow sticks and bike lights on their bodies than even the average raver. In teh day theylook the same sans glowsticks.
Where to find 'em: Every rave, seen dancing anywhere there are strains of techno; by their car, down the street, anywhere.
Characteristics: They are always there. When they wake up the first thing they do is put hard trance on and play it real loud.
Pros: Best person to call when you want to go out, they always go, they know where to go, and have directions to secret parties. And they'll always be there, and lend you lots of tapes.
Cons: Can become a burnout raver. They dont understand when you're tired and don't want to go out. Pray they don't live above you.
How to spot one: Shoes are a nondescript color of "blah", they haven't washed their hair for a month, in fact they haven't washed their clothes or bodies in a while either.
Where to find 'em: At every rave, clubs on weekdays, and cafes that play techno in the afternoon. In the day, sleeping among waterbottles, fliers and miscellaneous mess.
Characteristics: Always high, coming down or about to come up. when they laugh, it's a full body laugh where their heads flip backwards and jaws lock. They know everybody.
Pros: Great fun. They always find you the "candy" you want. Sometimes they give you some free.
Cons: Never have any money except for raves and "candy". Keep borrowing from you for important things such as food, rent and cigarettes.
How to spot 'em: Can't really miss 'em can you? In the 7 inch foam platforms, incredible makeup, wigs, fluffy furry jackets, lots of lights and glowing things hanging off them. GLAM GLAM GLAM...
Where to find 'em: Everywhere in the scene.
Characteristics: Stickers, glitter, Sesame Street, soft toys, backpacks, teddy bears and pacifyers.
Pros: Fun to look at. Some of them have the most interesting lives. They get in to parties for free.
Cons: When you're their friend, it's hard to get to talk to them cause everyone else is trying to do the same.
How to spot 'em: One shoulder is lower than the other. They have bad posture from bending over their decks. They always have an entourage surrounding them-friends, managers, groupies, all with their gear.
Where to find 'em: Behind the decks or hanging out with other DJ's. Usually not dancing.
Characteristics: Either ultra arrogant or really cool. There is never an in-between.
Pros: We need 'em. If they're good they make you ecstatic, your life depends on 'em. When they are staring out, they give you tapes and play at your parties for free.
Cons: When they're not good, Your life feels like it's over. If they're your friends, you never see them, cause they are either playing or practicing. They don't go to raves unless they are playing.
How to spot 'em: Mandoramma long sleeve black shirts with bold color print (orange, lime green) and trendy traders.
Where to find 'em: Their own private parties with all other scenester buddies. they are always at raves that have no flyers.
Characteristics: Work for some artsy tv film thing or have their own record label or specialty techno shop. They manage DJ's or are graphic artists who design flyers. They hate ravers. They cringe when they see people on E running around raves holding hands.
Pros: If you hang out with them enough, You get to be included in the oh-so-exclusive-scenester croud. You get to go to invite-only parties.
Cons: They never know what to do with their friends who continue to be uneshamebly ravers. (damnit I like my pigtails, stickers and glitter)They hate the people who support them. Ingrates...
How to spot 'em: Usually yells something subtle like "EEEEEEEE" or grabs you and says "I like your jacket, wanna buy some E"? Usually stands alone and sober.
Where to find 'em: Near the doors at parties, in parking lots.
Characteristics: Stands quietly by themselves looking for people.
Pros: Well, it's quite obvious really.
Cons: When you are really high, they keep asking you "Are you sure"? I can give you 5 and take $2 off, cause you might be so messed up that you buy them anyway. If they're your friend you never know if you want to give them a ride or not, due to the possession laws.
How to spot 'em: The lone person or two in a group.
Where to find 'em: Around someone important, either a DJ, a promoter, a club kid or drug dealer. Hanging out with the people who put on the rave.
Characteristics: They won't talk to you unless you know someone or are someone. If they do talk to you, they name drop. Sample monologue: Well, so I was there in this cafe, and I was having Sunday lunch with the promoters, yeah, and then carl cox comes over and sits down. Man that was the bomb. You know him? Good, he is the man!! Funny thing was there was this guy from Moonshine records, you know trying to sign my friend onto the label. ou know Moonshine right"?
Pros: They introduce you to people you might actually care to meet.
Cons: That is if you're cool enough in the first place to deserve to be spoken to.
How to spot 'em: They look hippyish, but not quite. The hardcore ones do Tai Chi at sunrise.
Where to find 'em: All outdoor raves. In the desert, in the mountains, the full moon parties.
Characteristics: Into things you can't spell, bought in health food stores. They talk about the energy and stuff. They try to find the goodness somewhere in the rave. At sunrise, or beach parties, they yell out exaltations: "Sun, oh Sun! You have arrived!" or "The sea, Ilove you!"
Pros: They tell you what to eat and what herbal stuff will help your high.
Cons: Some people are just atheist, non spiritual beings that are there to have fun. On Sunday mornings when they preach, you wish you had a door to slam in their faces.

-=Candy Kids=-

We sparkle and shine with glitter and glow,
If you've never met us before,this way you'll know.
Spreading the vibe through a party with laughter and love,
Some even have wings on their backs like angels above.
"Don't take candy from strangers" doesn't apply here,
We pass it out with love,so there's nothing to fear.
So,If we are playing,or dancing,or practicing the PLUR of which we speak....
We are the party's candy kids....and just think;to us, YOU may be the FREAK!!!!

PLUR is one of the most important qualities of the rave. PLUR is the key to preserving and ensuring a good vibe. If you see someone who is ruining the vibe, please talk to them in a respectful way. Let them know instead of looking at that person in disgust. Try to help others who do not know to understand the ravers social code of ethics. Preach PLUR to those who don't know. Spread the good vibe throughout all that you do. Bring PLUR out of the rave as well, take it with you in your heart to skewl and work. With PLUR nothing else matters. That's all anybody needs. The four simple ways to solve the problems of the world. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.


To have peace with one's mind and body. To not hate

others because of thier religion, race, the way they

dress, or label. A rave should be a peaceful

environment fot all. If you do not like a certain

person at the rave, don't start a fight with them

because it will ruin the vibe.


Love is an emotion. At a rave you love your friends,

you love your enemies, you love people you don't even

know. Love can not be described here on this page. It

an emotion stronger than words can describe. Most

importantly you must have love for everyone at a rave.

That does not mean, go in the corner and make love on



At a rave we all need to have a strong sense of

togetherness. Ravers are here to help people out at a

rave. If someone loses their bag, or it gets it

stolen, it's not just their problem, it's yours too.

Ravers together are one. Ravers need to help each

other out when the stupid rent-a-cops won't. When you

dance by yourself, you are never dancing alone.

Everyone is dancing as a small part of a whole.

Respect is a two way street. You must respect

yourself, before you can begin to respect others. All

that goes along with the drug scene at raves. Its one

thing to be on a hit of E, but to be on more than 5

hits! That shows no respect for your body what so

ever. Respect your self and respect each other.


Raver Checklist

((even though this check list doesn't really apply to the scene now.. because you can hardly get any of it in.. i htought i'd still put it))

Before driving up to Home Base make sure you got all your crap together. You don't want to forget things at home. Here is a handy-dandy little check-list that just about covers all the things a raver would even think of bringing to a party. Print this out next time you are planning to rave...


[ ] necklaces

[ ] braclets

[ ] gloves

[ ] whistle

[ ] wallet chain

[ ] glasses

[ ] hat/visor

[ ] stickers

[ ] glitter

[ ] laminates

[ ] kid's umbrella

[ ] faux eye lashes

[ ] head band

[ ] ear muffs

[ ] suspenders


[ ] playdoug/gak

[ ] stress ball

[ ] random kid toys

[ ] baby keys

[ ] bubbles

[ ] bubble gun

[ ] Mickey View MasterTM

[ ] rainbow slinky

[ ] squirt gun


[ ] filter masks

[ ] water bottel carry strap

[ ] unity wrist bands

[ ] flourescent crayons

[ ] rave book

[ ] disposable camera

[ ] flourescent highlighter

[ ] small container (plastic egg)

[ ] vibrating massager/massager

[ ] pen

[ ] squirt bottle

[ ] battery operated fan/hand fan

[ ] body lotion/motion lotion/hand creme

[ ] flashlights

[ ] band-aids

[ ] walkie-talkies

[ ] laser tag sets

[ ] ear plugs


[ ] Ginseng

[ ] Vivarin/No Doz

[ ] Mini Thins/Ephedrine

[ ] Tums

[ ] Tylenol

[ ] Vics Inhaler

[ ] Peppermint Essential Oil


[ ] bike light

[ ] glos stix

[ ] light sword

[ ] glow belt

[ ] glow necklace

[ ] glow worm

[ ] oral glow stick


[ ] gummy bears

[ ] Sweet Tarts

[ ] PEZ

[ ] Menthol Cough Drops

[ ] Pixxie Stix

[ ] Star Bursts

[ ] Twizzlers

[ ] Blow Pops/Dum Dum Pops

[ ] gum ( Ice Breakers!!!)


[ ] Entrance Fee

[ ] Water

[ ] gas money

[ ] Train Money


[ ] Smiles

[ ] Hugs

[ ] Kisses

Emergency Items

[ ] Tampons

[ ] Pads

[ ] Pantie Liners

[ ] Saftey Pins

[ ] Duckt Tape


[ ] Back Pack

[ ] Fannie Pack

[ ] Suitcase on wheels

[ ] Lunch Box


[ ] Car Keys (really people?!!)

[ ] ID/Driver's License (you need that too!)

[ ] Pager/Cell Phone

[ ] House Keys (It's 7Am in the morning, you look'n'feel like shit, & you locked yourself out of your home!)

Things you'll hear...

Its a gauruntee- these are things you'll hear at every party.

On the dance floor, in line for the bathroom, in the chyll room...
You might say it... or you'll hear someone else say it...

Are you rolling???

What DJ is this?

Do you know where the set list is?

Your sooo kute!

Where did you get your pants?

Wanna trade Kand*e?

WOW! You came along way for this party!

How many did you take?

Do you know anyone selling?

How long have you been raving?

HI! I'm ____! Whets your name?

Where ya from?

Meet my Girlfriend/boyfriend.

Can I kiss you?

Wanna back massage?

Do you have any vix?

Thatís really kool, where did you get it?

Do you know where ______ went?

Where is the bathroom?

Are you going to go to the party Next weekend?

Where is the after party?

Holy shit! I love this track!!!

Who is your fave DJ?

Thatís a kool Tat/piercing!

Can I have your E-mail address please?

I hate dizko house!

Damn kand*e kydz!

Wanna sticker?

How much is water?

Have you ever seen _____ spyn?

You dance/spyn/kiss/massage SOOO good!

Did your piercing/tat hurt?

Do you party here a lot?

I hate friggin map points!

WOAH! Look at this kool kand*e I got!!

I love you... Mmmmm.

Dude, that guy/girl is soo sexy!

I am sooo fucked up!

Can I have a drink of your water??

Thank you soooo much for everything!

Wanna hug?


I don't usually like kand*e kydz- but your soo kute!

This is my first party!!

What are you doing after the party?

For the love of Christ! Does anyone have any weed???

Raver Self Defense

BEAN BAG CHAIRS: Can be used as an assualt weapon. Toss at approaching assaliant to cnfuse or temporarily disable. Can also be used to absorb blows. Will deflect bullets if filled with pennies or small lead weights.

BLOW POPS: Sharpen the stick end. When threatened, slowly remove blow pop from mouth and thrust the stick end foward into tha assilants stomach or groin area

VINYL RECORDS: With a little practice, u can learn to toss records frisbee style at tha assailant's neck area for beheading purposes. Don not practice near friends

WHISTLES: Can be used to startle and inflict hearing pain to oncoming assailants.

FLYERS: Stacks of smaller ones can be throw in tha face of an assailant to blind them. Tha large, commercial ones can be used to inflice serious papercuts

WATER BOTTELS: These too make good throwing weapons, even better if filled

BLINKING LIGHTS: wave very slowly in front of assailant to hypnotise them. If that fails, then throw

SPEAKER CABINETS: 2 or more ravers need to life and throw. get permission from owner of the sound system first

SOUND SYSTEMS: Recen experiments have demonstrated that certain sound frequencies can be tuned to resonate and rupture internal organs. Dj's should always carry a few such recordings at renegade parties. Do not mix these up with a regular record collection. Aim speakers at antagonists, play recordings at normal volume

30 reasons why a rave is better than school

1. not only are there no rules against walkmans and CD players at a rave, you don't even NEED one cuz the awesome muzik is all around you
2. raves don't send you to sleep like biology class does
3. you don't have to wear that dumbass plaid schoolgirl skirt and ugly red sweater at a rave
4. at skewl you write notes on paper, using a pen; at a rave you draw trippy trails in the air, using glowstixx
5. there are absolutely NO rules against piercings, dyed hair, or any other expressions of individuality at a rave
6. you never leave a rave with homework
7. the backpack for skewl contains textbooks, worksheets, binders full of notes, and a bunch of blue or black pens. the backpack for a rave is loaded with jolly ranchers, chupa chups, stuffed animals, stickerz, pez, glitter, vicks inhalers, and pens or crayons in all different colours of tha rainbow
8.there is very little chance that you'll be bored to sleep at a rave. if for some obscene reason you are, there is even less chance that you'll be forcefully woken up and given detention
9. at the end of a rave, you feel just as tired and spent as you do at the end of a skewl day... but skewl can never give you the warm, crazy, happy, exhausted-yet-so-alive feeling that you leave a rave with
10. you get *so* many more smiles at a rave than you do at skewl, even on a Friday
11. raves don't feed you cafeteria food
12. there is about 379.2 times more colour at a rave than in the skewl halls
13. you can wear the biggest, phattest, craziest pants to a rave and noone will make snide compliments. on the contrary, you will probably be complimented by a countless number of kidz
14. at a rave you never get accused of being a menace to society
15. at a rave you never get told to act your age
16. two words: NO TESTS
17. on skewl days you wake up and have so much trouble dragging yourself out of bed. on rave nites you just can't *wait* to bounce out of your door cuz you're so excited about all the kidz you'll get to hug and all the dope traxx you'll get to dance to
18. there is probably more theft going on at skewl than at all the raves in tokyo put together
19. try blasting out some NRG or acid trance at skewl lunchtime and see what happens
20. people at raves don't say, "happy *what*???" and look shocked every time you mention "happy hardcore". (it's so obvious what those dirty minds are thinking of, hehehe)
21. how many kidz at skewl will walk up to you and offer to give you a massage/backrub/chupa chup/light show/sticker/piece of strawberry flavoured bubble tape?
22. learning to liquid is just so much more fun than learning how to graph those functions
23. at a rave you can sing cheezy songs in the bathroom and kidz won't stare at you like you've just done something extremely taboo
24. at a rave, you can become closer frenz with more kidz in a nite than you will ever get to know superficially at skewl in a year
25. the literary techniques of robert frost just don't seem important when you're dancing like mad to the phat beats of jungle
26. raves don't make you feel like the world is trying to force you into becoming another one of the cookie-cutter clan
27. people at raves don't try to "confiscate" your candy, then scoff it down behind your backs, like some teachers at skewl like to do
28. you don't ever need to think up a good excuse to ditch a rave... you wouldn't wanna ditch a rave in the first place!
29. you don't get cute candygirls in megaphat pants and flashy sunvisors at skewl
30. no matter how much you may love your skewl and classmates, you will *never* be able to achieve the utter sense of euphoria, love and unity that a rave can make you feel!

a RAVE ...

It is music. It is purity. It is beauty. It is respect.

It is harmony. It is accepting. It is sensual. It is rhythm.

It is unity. It is loving. It is hope. It is understanding.

It is open. It is awareness. It is peace. It is feeling.

It is creative. It is energy. It is one nation.

It is seductive. It is inspiring. It is awesome.

It is celebration. It is trust. It is magnificent.

It is magical. It is welcoming. It is a union of beautiful

people bonded together by a common love, sharing common dreams.

What we love about raves..

Glowing teeth under flourescent lights
People who dance with glowsticks
People who pass water around especially when I really need it
Dancing around backpack piles
Using whistles to hype up the crowd
Dancing in front of a massive speaker stack, and watching your shirt flutter with every beat (careful if u do dat! Itís dangerous!!)
Walking out of a dusty warehouse at 8:00 am, feeling the sun on your face, and looking up at a clear blue sky
When people come over to you and go "Dude, what are you on?? You gotta be the happiest guy/chick in here"...and you're not on anything
Trancing watching people dance when the whole crowd moves like a wave
Getting about a million goose bumps the moment before a song absolutely explodes with energy
That cold rush when you put Vicks Vap-o-rub on your face
People who bring in backpacks full of "rave goodies" (Blowpops, bottled water that is actually cold, pixy stix, glitter, etc)
Looking around when you're dancing and knowing that everyone of those people is having as much fun as you
Reaching for the lasers, seeing if you can hold one, just to make sure you aren't tripping
When people that you have never seen treat you like their best friend
Talking to a newbie, then seeing him/her almost every weekend after that
Going out of my way to tell the DJs that they are really good
Feeling like you could run a few miles the last 10 minutes of a rave, then falling asleep on the way home
Having breakfast the morning after with friends
The "I am deaf for life" feeling as you are walking out ("come again??".. *gigglz*)
Singing songs on the way to and from the party ("open yur eyes.. see all the love in me.. I got enough forever..")
Knowing what that person who just bumped into you is about to say and you saying it before they do
Hysterically laughing for no reason
Leaving your backpack somewhere for 2 hours, then coming back to see that it wasn't moved or even opened
Watching people talk to walls and speakers and stuff
Singing cheesy songs in line and before you know it there are about a 100 kids singing along
When you can yell out "my friend is puking anyone have any candy??" and 5 hands will shoot up in the air above the crowd with pixi stix, suckers & ringpops
Socializing in the bathroom line
Someone coming up to you and hugging you after telling you their favourite color is yellow just cuz yur wearing yellow pants
Knowing that if you are in any trouble, any amount of those kids that you don't know will come and help you
You can ask someone for a drink of their water and they won't look at you like a crazy stranger.. they smile and pass it over
Just the feeling of "if they only knew.. while they were all asleep"
Standing in the shower the next morning being able to close your eyes and be back at the party, as rave gunk and ciggy smoke washes down the drain
Being able to hear the bass thumping in your brain long after you've left the party
Leaving with half eaten ring pops on your finger and half empty candy necklaces around your neck
Being so excited to see the people that you haven't seen in so long...even though to this day you still don't know their name
Walking up to a complete stranger just to tell them "I think you're cute" and not have them give you a strange look, like you were trying to pick them up or something.. nah, I was just being nice (ravers r da bestest!)
Realizing how many friends you've made because of this music
Seeing the same kids at 3 different parties in 3 different states
That moment when someone you've seen a million times smiles at you and comes over and starts talking to you for the first time
Free parties (mah favourite word!)
Strangers who come up to you and tell you that they love the way you dance
Random hugs
Going to another city for a party and meeting people who ask you if you need a place to crash afterwards
The person who took you to your first party

CandyKid Love is...........

When u wake up next 2 him ... he's just as dirty & tired as u are ... but u have to wake him up ... so u can go 2 another rave that nite.

...Kissing on tha floor next 2 tha dj ... dancing togetha in tha smoke ... sharing candy & blowing bubbles.

...Sharing toys, the last blowpop, rave gear, everything.

...Laughing together, agreeing on everything, being pissed together.

...U liking something of his and him saying u can have it if u want.

...When he could be dancing but he stays with u.

...When u see him from a block away and u know its him because of his pants and the way he walks & u run all the way up to him almost trippin over your pants and collapse in his arms like u haven't seen him in 10 yrs.

...Not feelin the same when he's not there, reachin for him in the middle of the nite.

...Being the one he'll call at 4am because he needs to talk to someone and even though you're so tired, you love to hear his voice.

...When the track the dj is playing reminds you of him.

...Borrowing his fave hat & never giving it back.

...Him making fun of u, u pretending to be pissed so he'll chase after u and say he was joking even though u already knew.

...Watching him sleep.

...Going to the park togetha and swingin on the swings.

...Talking for hours.

...Wanting to hug him all the time, wishing he could be nearby forever.

...When u go thru his cds & stick Hello Kitty stickers on the labels of his faves.

...Him saying "i luv u" and u gettin butterflies in your tummy cuz u feel the same way.

...Being the only one he tells secrets to.

...Crying in front of him & him tellin u to stop because you'll make him cry.

...Gettin closer, growin apart, gettin closer all in the span of 24 hrs.

...Being sad together, being sad by yourself, missin him, being sad cuz u can't see him that day.

...Having him feel the same way.

CandyKid luv is just like any other luv ... only sweeter


((what's crazy is that me and my best friend jesus do all of that... but he's not my boyfirmed.. haha candy love!

The Story Of Rainbow Raver

At the very end of the rainbow, where some people say that pots of gold are found, there is a wonderful place called Raver Land. Gold or not, one thing is certain Raver Land is the place where colors and raves are born ... And it's the home of Rainbow Raver!
Rainbow Raver is a lovable little girl who brings color and happiness to the world with her magic Rave Glitter. Without her, the world would be a dull, gloomy place.
The rave glitter comes in the colors of the rainbow. They make grass green, the sky blue, and the roses red. It's quite a trip to make sure that everything comes out right, but Rainbow Raver manages to do the job perfectly every day.
Of course, making sure the entire world is filled with new colors every day is a big job. And even a smart, hard-working girl like Rainbow can't dig and sort the colors all by herself. So she has many friends who help her.
Besides the Club Kids, the busiest of Rainbow's helpers are the little Good Vibes. They are the friendly, happy workers who dig in the color mines all day.
The Good Vibes collect wheelbarrows full of the brightest glitter crystals to put in peoples hair and on their faces.
Right in the heart of Raver Land is the Chill Room where Rainbow Raver and the Club Kids live. The room is decorated with star-shaped windows and rainbow-arch doorways through which blacklights glimmer and dance. It is a happy and magical place.
But just outside Raver Land on a gray and gloomy hill stands The Ghetto. There is nothing happy or wonderful about this place. dark, threatening clouds and smog-like smoke loom over the colorless land. Only two people in the world would want to live in the Ghetto ... Murky Gangster and his assistant, Homie.
Deep in the Ghetto, Murky Gangster added a pinch of Bad Vibes to a big evil-smelling pot
"Now stir that up good, Homie. Just think, with these Bad Vibes I'll be able to keep Rainbow Raver and her goody-goody friends from putting more love into the world. Soon everything will be gray and gloomy, and everyone will be as miserable as I am!"
"That's right, Murky. You're the miserablest!"
One morning, Rainbow Raver gathered the Club Kids together to make an important announcement. "Today is the day of The Rave, and we have lots of work to do. If we don't color everything as brightly as possible, the Raver wont arrive! Are you ready to get started?"
All the Club Kids shouted their agreement. Rainbow grinned. "Great! The the first thing we need to do is visit Raver Falls to pick up all the Rave Glitter and Records we can carry!"

Patty O'GlowStick was so eager to get started, she danced a little dance. "Well, I'll be needing lots of green glow sticks to brighten the rave."
Buddy BlackLight pretended he was raving on one of the dance floors he would soon touch up with his black lights. This made Yellow GlitterGirl laugh. "Don't forget about the yellow glitter for everyone!"
"And the red bike safety lights!" shouted Red Elmo. "Come on, I'll race you to Raver Falls!" But Tripping Violet and Indiglow already had a head start. So Red Elmo jogged along Florescent Orange.
At the Falls they found heaps of Rave Glitter everywhere. Rainbow dodged a Good Vibe pushing an overloaded cart. "The Good Vibes are working so hard, I'm sure we'll be ready on time!"
Tweaker, Rainbow's favorite Good Vibe, scurried here and there giving orders. "Faster, faster! It's almost time!"
Rainbow's magnificent flying platform shoes, Silver and Gold, walked into the Color Wherehouse to see how hard everyone was working. They raved around in approval.
Suddenly, Silver perked up a shoe lace at a distant noise. Red Elmo heard it too and pointed to the bumpy road that led down from the Ghetto. "I'd know that bass anywhere! It's that awful Low Rider!" A second later, Murky Gangster's filthy 64 Impala shot over the hill bouncing to the hydrolics and spewing great clouds of nasty smoke.
As he rode by the suprised Good Vibes, Murky sprayed them with his bad vibes. "Steer over that way, Homie. We missed a few! Hah! This will ruin the rave once and for all!"
Homie glanced at the Vibes and laughed. "Hey Murky, those bad vibes are putting a gray cloud over their heads! It's making them so gloomy, they've stopped raving!"
Rainbow Raver pointed an accusing finger at Murky Gangster and Homie. "Stop those two! They're trying to ruin the rave!"
But because of Murky's potion, the gloomy Vibes just stood there, all e-tarded.
Rainbow grabbed a handful of Good Vibes and put on her platform shoes. "Come on! Let's go get Murky and Homie!"
Quick as a flash, Silver and Gold took to the sky. In a moment they caught up with the gang-banging pair and swooped down on them, as Rainbow tossed Good Vibes in their path.
Murky Gangster tried to duck his head. "Steer that way, you fool!"
"Duh, which way?" Homie turned the wheel and drove right into the Good Vibes.
In an instant, Homie began to smile. Then he giggled. He stopped the Low Rider. "Boy, do I feel good!"
Murky Gangster shook his fist at Homie. "Don't stop you oaf!" But Homie just sat there smiling at Raver Land. "You know, I never noticed what a nice view this is from here."
Then the good vibes began to affect Murky. "Oh no! All these Vibes are making me feel happy! It's sickening! Move over Homie! I'm going to cruise us out of here!" Then he roared off for the Ghetto as fast as he could.
Rainbow Raver watched as the wind blew all the gloom and bad vibes away. "Thank goodness Murky and his bad vibes are gone. Now we can get the rave back on schedule!"
Tweaker jumped up and down, calling to his fellow Good Vibes. "Come on everyone, get x-cited! We've got raving to do!" The Rainbow Raver, the Club Kids, and all the Good Vibes hurried off to make the rave the happiest, most colorful rave ever!

CUTE ways to enjoys your candyness to the MAX!

1.Choose from your favorite stuffed animal and carry him/her around with you...*everywhere*,so he/she soon becomes your personal mascot.

2.Make lots of candy necklaces for your mascot.Hang whistles,pacifiers,and Voicks inhalers from his/her neck.

3.Buy faux fur,,,use it extravagantly!On your shirts,pants,backpacks,luckbox handles,lamp stands,maybe even your curtains,doorknobs,notebooks....

4.Keep a scrapbook.Paste favorite photos,pixez,party ticket stubs,stickers,candy wrappers,scribbles,notes from your friends inside.Write little headings for different pages and decorate them with colors,stickers,and lotsa glitter.Write your feelings,poems,cute little stories,make little surveys and get your friends to fill them out;reserve whole pages for your special friends and have them do whatever they like with the space.

5.Dye your hair mad colors.If its against school policy,dye it anyway,,,you can always wear a wig to school =P

6.Stick glow-in-the-dark stickers in hard-to-see places in your room,so you dont really notice them in the daytime and are pleasantly surprised every time you turn off the light,write secret messages with glow-in-the-dark pen on the wall next to your bed.

7.Buy a kiddie favor packUse the cute little knick-knacks inside to make your own acessories,hand em out to your crew.

8.Use "eyeopener" or "i can't stop raving" as the sound your cell phone makes when it rings.

9.Blow up colorful balloons without tying them.Write messages to your friends on them with permanent marker(careful,,don't pop),deflate them,stickem in an envelope and send em to your friends with love.

10.build raver empires with leggos.Display them in your room.Carry a couple of leggo ravers around in your pockets for when you get bored in math class.

11.Whip up some rave gear for any Barbie dolls or g.i. joes lying around the house.Place them at the entrance to your house,on the t.v. set the stereo speakers,the breakfast table,or in the bathroom sink (or where ever you think they'll enjoy themselves the most,really)

12.Stick glittery stickers on all your favorite CDs.

13.If you havent already done so,raid your little brother's/little sister's/young niece's/young nephew's/neighbor's kid's closet for their cute little character shirts.Trade a couple of lollypops for them.

14.Record your favorite episodes of your favorite cartoons on one tape.You never know when it might come in handy.

15.Make jewelry out of *real* candy,like gummy bears by coating them with clear varnish.

16.Run around your neighborhood by speading the vibe.Preach PLUR.Recruit more kids into candydom.

17.Try and coax your family pet into wearing your candy.

18.Stick the jackets from your favorite CDs on your walls.If your walls are already covered in flyers,take them down and re-stick them so that they overlap each other so it looks like a collage.this looks neat *and* makes more room for your CD jackets!;D