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The shades are gigantic black gelatinous pyramids whose only physical feature is a giant fanged mouth. The shades are in truth the gatekeepers to the dimensional rift that seperates the Akari (Also known as the 9th legion) from this universe. To represent this, if all 10 Shades were to be raised to full power, the dimensional door would open and the Akari would emerge. In game terms, the Shades are all considered characters. The level of a shade is represented by the mass of the shade. A shade is full grown when it reaches 5th level. Unlike other heroes, shades cannot be bought, but must be spawned from other shades. To spawn a shade, one of the existing shades must give up a level, then they create a level one shade of your choice. To regain levels, a shade must expand through sacrifice. It takes 1,000 sacrifices per level to raise a shade. For example, a 1st level shade takes 1,000 sacrifices to raise its level. 1st and 2nd level shades are the smallest of the shades, and are therefore the only ones that can be carried through space. 3rd level shades and higher cannot move from their planets and count as governors in all respects exept that they cannot gain levels from increasing loyalty. There are no Thrall governors as they are a weakminded race wholly dependent upon the Shades. It is also important to note that there can only be one shade of 3rd level or higher on any given planet. Therefore, to open the gateway, you will need to acquire 10 planets and hold them long enough to upgrade your shades. If you have all ten shades upgraded to 5th level, the gateway will be open and you will be able to purchase Akari at an extremely cheap price. This will give you the most powerful force in the universe. If one of the shades is destroyed, the gateway will shut and you will no longer be able to purchase Akari. Shades have no physical powers to protect themselves, although they are relatively hard to destroy. In a ground assult, a shade is considered to have an attack and defence of 0 and a hp equal to 20 x level. In addition, the shades each possess their own particular set of powers which improve as they gain in level. Some of the shades powers are automatic, which means they are always active. A shade can only use one non automatic power a turn. The powers are furthermore divided into local and extended. Local powers can only be used to affect the immediate solar system of the shade. Extended can be used anywhere within the universe.

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