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PaGe OnE

love is a rythem of two hearts beating pouding out a message,steady and true talk to me baby, tell me what you're feeling I know what love is..what's it to you?

life is so unfair at times when its tough i always think of you and it makes me smile and to know you're mine makes it all worth while

i luv u boy, y cant u see? y cant it jus be you and me? ur everythin i want *n s0o0 much more i think ab0ut u 24-7 jus lyk im in heaven i love you boy jus gimme a chance i better than i seem .·'`·» i promise «·'`·.

Love Is When You Don't Want To Go To Sleep Because Reality Is Better Than A Dream.

Life takes you somewhere, Love helps you get there

Those who have to wait for love, only appreciate it more when it comes.

To love is one thing, to be loved is another, but to be loved by the one you love is everything.

.•*¨•.•YoU DnO WhAt YoUvE DoNe To Me•.•¨*•. .•*¨•.•i NeVeR ThOuGhT iD NeEd YoU DeSpErAteLy•.•¨*•. .•*¨•.•iTs KiNdA SiCk HoW iM StUcK On YoU•.•¨*•. .•*¨•.•BuT i DoNt CaRe CaUsE i NeEd YoU•.•¨*•. .•*¨•.•AnD HoW i FeEL WiLL ReMaiN ThE SaMe•.•¨*•. .•*¨•.•CaUsE YoUrE My BaBy•.•¨*•.

Where intimacy ends and passion begins that's when you know you can spend your whole life together, that's when you know it's love.

.:*¨¨*:. .:*¨¨*:.:*¨¨*:. (¨`.´¨)i mAy NoT gEt 2 See U As 0fTeN aS i `.¸(¨`.´¨)Like i mAy n0t GeT 2 h0Ld U iN `.¸.´mY aRms aLL ThRu thA NiTe*BuT (¨`.´¨)deEp DoWn i Kn0 iTs TrU `.¸(¨`.´¨)*No MaTTa WhAt `.¸.´*iLL aLwAyZ LoVe U*

. ; . * I . n E v E r . c O u L d * . ; . h A v E . t H o U g H t . ; . * i ' D . L u V . s u M o N e * . ; . a S . m U c H . a S . ; . * i . L o V e . y O u

I lOve u mOre then wOrdZ caN show I thinK bOut u mOre then u cOuld eva kNo nOw until fOreva this will - b - tru bCuz theres *nO oNe* I cOuLd *eva* love as muCh as I lOve U

To truly love someone is to not know what you would do with out them. To not care as long as they are with you. To cry if they hurt you. But most of all to know that if they died you would die to.

( . To KnO hIm iS tA LuV hIm . )

'i love yo0h boi' -cant yo0h see- .yur simplee. *everything ta meeh*

your k . i . s . s . e . s make my lips q . u . i . v . e . r and when you t . o . u . c . h me my whole body s . h . i . v . e . r . s

i know three little words that i felt from the start * i know three little words that come from my heart * i know three little words that tell you it's real * i know three little words that tell you how i feel [ I l O v E y O u ]