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December 3 2002
Well we never could get the arena but we did some some serious damage at the bank area last night in Kael. Grats to those who got cloaks and other drops. Special thanks to (not responsible for spelling errors lol)Wixmixx,Lemancha,Paaws,Okelore and everyone else not of Black Diamond that joined us. Sorry if I forget your names.Congrats to everyone on a job well done.

October 31 2002
Updated the website to the frames version. I figure anyone running EQ these days can support frames and it makes it tons easier for me to update.

June 5 2002
Well as most everyone knows Mistmoore went well, Congrats to Zaxaxaz who got the pelt from Black Dire and has begun his epic quest. Congrats also to Actaeon who got hilt of Soulfire from Xicotyl, now we need some people who are or wont mind being KOS in West Freeport to get him the blade.Maduro is looking for people to go to Rygorr fort in Eastern Wastes Saturday evening is anyone is interested reply to his thread on our forums or shoot him a message in game. I'm working early suday morning so I probably won't be making it myself.As always if your information on the roster is missing or incorrect email me. Be safe everyone. --Gilyen

April 24 2002
Just a note to say thanks for attending the last couple of Raids and I am finding you all a suitable challenge asap. Hello to our new members and a reminder to check your info on the roster page,if it is missing or incorrect leave the correct info in the forums or email it to me at Be safe all ---Gilyen

March 19 2002
Just a quick note today to say hi to our new members, if you havent registered for our forums yet please do so with your eq characters name preferably.Also if you are not on the roster either leave a message on the forums with your characters first and last name, class, level race and email address.If you are on the roster but have missing or updated info please do the same. Just bumped the old news because it still applied with all the new members an all. Also web site getting a few updates and theres some new screenshots under misc screenshots if anyone wants to see them. Happy Hunting Diamond. -- Gilyen