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Rules for Membership

1) Minimum membership is 35

2) Must be vouched for by a current member in good standing

3) Must read and agree with our charter, rules and Guild ideals

4) Must play the game with honor

5) Current members in good standing may have unlimited alts in Guild

6) Alternate characters are not elegible to be officers unless their main is in Black Diamond, but may want the officer status on the character they are most frequently playing

7) Other than the skill you use on npc's no Black Diamond will at any time, ever BEG for money, items, power leveling, or anything else on the face of Norrath or Earth from anyone, be they Black Diamond or not, at any time. Begging is NEVER acceptable and is to be considered just cause for immediate termination from Guild.

8) New members will not be elegible to become officers for 3 months. This does not mean that at the end of 3 months you will automatically become an officer.

9) A member has full privileges from day one, but may be removed from the guild without reason by the Guild Leader for 2 weeks. After two weeks, it will require a majority vote of the officers to ban a member.

10) Any member in good standing may sponsor someone for entry into Black Diamond if an officer agrees to do the invitation. You may only sponsor one person at a time, in effect until the new recruit proves to be a Diamond.Both the inviting officer and the sponsoring member will be responsible for certifying that the recruit meet minimum membership requirements, and also for introducing them to the rest of the Guild.

Click here to submit an application for membership to Black Diamond