Best Quotes –


Season 1 –

2. Cool Change

SARA SIDLE: Do you know where I can find Catherine Willows?

CATHERINE WILLOWS: (without looking up) She's out in the field.

( SARA stops and looks down at the piece of paper in her hand. CATHERINE looks

up at SARA.)

CATHERINE WILLOWS: Let me guess ... Sara Sidle?

SARA SIDLE: I know who I am. I think you're a little confused.


3. Crate n’ Burial

SARA: Get a picture of the security pad. Someone touches it before it's

dusted, I break their fingers.


SARA: ... you're standing in my crime scene.

NICK: No. (he holds up the disk) (beat) You're in mine.

( NICK smiles and turns to walk out of the house.)

SARA: (envious) You're doing audio? I wanted that.

NICK: I outrank you.

SARA: Technicality. Who did Grissom handpick to work here?

( NICK chuckles dryly.)

NICK: Keep telling yourself that.


SARA: (continuing) Probably ... egress through those doors. Excuse me, is my

evaluation interrupting you?

GRISSOM: No, no, no. I barely heard you.

SARA: Glad I have a healthy ego. You find something interesting there?


SARA: You're ... so ... technical ... I can hardly keep up, but ...


SARA: What's the rule? How long do I have to be here before I start kicking in

for gifts?

CATHERINE: When the spirit moves you, Sara. So, in your case, I guess, never.


NICK: Hey, Catherine what time's your little girl coming by?

CATHERINE: She isn't.

( NICK holds up his own gift, a "CHEMLAB/ 500".)

NICK: Yeah, but I got her a chem set.

SARA: You keep that; might learn something.

NICK: Stop flirting with me.


SARA: Hey, Grissom ... could you come tape me up?

( Without waiting for an answer, SARA ducks back into the room. GRISSOM turns to

look at CATHERINE.)

GRISSOM: I love my work.

CATHERINE: It shows.


4 Pledging Mr. Johnson

( SARA walks into the locker room.)

SARA: (o.s.) Fine suit.

( WARRICK and NICK turn around to find SARA in the locker room.)

SARA: (to NICK) And well, just fine.

NICK: That's harassment.

SARA: Hey, we have one locker room and it's my job to be observant.

( NICK grabs a shirt and puts it on.)

SARA: I know, we don't have all day ... are, are you going to wear ... that?

NICK: Yeah.

SARA: It's that hideous ...

NICK: Hideous. Thank you.

( SARA leaves the locker room. NICK waits a moment, then undoes the buttons of

his shirt to change it. He clears his throat and takes his shirt off.)


( NICK and SARA walk into the fraternity. NICK looks around.)

NICK: I can't believe I used to live in a place like this. It seems like a

hundred years

SARA: And here I had all this respect for you.


SARA: Your Johnson?

NICK: Yeah, you know, your, uh ...

SARA: (to NICK) I know what it is. (to KYLE) Don't stop now.


CATHERINE: Now tell me, why are we here?

GRISSOM: 'Cause it's the only place within ten miles of Calville Bay that

serves calamari.

CATHERINE: And you know this because...?

GRISSOM: I come here for calamari.


GRISSOM: No. Sometimes I have a beer with it.


SARA: (reading) "JILL W." Two triangles.

NICK: (correcting) No, it's two deltas. Greek letters. She's a delt.

( SARA closes her eyes and groans.)

SARA: Freaks.


CATHERINE: You right, you know. I should be just like you. Alone in my

hermetically sealed condo watching discovery on the big screen working genius-

level crossword puzzles, but no relationships. No chance any will slop over

into a case. Right. I want to be just like you.

GRISSOM: Technically, it's a townhouse. And the crosswords are advanced, not

genius. But you're right. I'm deficient in a lot of ways. But I never screw

up one of my cases with personal stuff.

CATHERINE: Grissom ... what personal stuff?



5 Friends and Lovers


DAVID PHILLIPS: (flusters) I, uh, I just want to say I-I ... well, I really

admire the gusto with which you approach your job.

( DAVID walks around and stands in front of SARA. He smiles.)

SARA: (glances from the monitor to DAVID) Are you hitting on me, David?


( DAVID smiles and looks down at his shoes bashfully. SARA is flattered.)

SARA: Let me give you some friendly advice. If you want to pull chicks, you've

got to get aggressive. You've gotta drop the glasses, lose the coat grow some


( DAVID appears quietly dejected at the advice.)

SARA: (smiles) You do get a "C" for cute, though.

( DAVID glances back up at SARA, sees her smile and smiles back at her.)


6. Who are you?

CATHERINE: Skin samples from under the woman's fingernails are consistent with

Ed's. I saw some bruises but Eddie's style has always been very ... involved

... vigorous.

GRISSOM: (puzzled) Vigorous?

( From the other side of the shelf, apparently WARRICK didn't leave the locker

room. He explains.)

WARRICK: She's trying to tell you Eddie likes it rough.

CATHERINE: Thank you, Warrick. Eddie said that she was into it.


GRISSOM: It means she wasn't killed in Hawaii.

( GREG freezes at being busted and slowly turns to look at GRISSOM.

GRISSOM: Other than that ... he has no idea.


9 Unfriendly Skies

SARA: I take it that's not blood.

GRISSOM: No... but there's protein in it.

SARA: Oh, the mile-high club. That means the two passengers may have had no

idea what was going on inside that cabin.

GRISSOM: (rote) You know, high altitude enhances the entire sexual experience.

It increases the euphoria.

SARA: (thinks about it for a moment) Well ... it's good. I don't know if it's

that good.

( At her comment, GRISSOM slowly turns to look up at SARA. SARA sees GRISSOM'S

reaction and has to ask.)

SARA: Cite your source.

GRISSOM: Hand me a swab, please.

SARA: You're avoiding the question. "Enhances sexual experience. Increases

euphoria." Cite your source.

GRISSOM: A magazine.

SARA: What magazine?

GRISSOM: "Applied Psychodynamics in Forensic Science."

SARA: Never heard of it.

GRISSOM: I'll get you a subscription.

( SARA doesn't say anything.)

GRISSOM: (calmly) Now, cite your source.

SARA: Oh ... now you want to go down that route?


SARA: (smiles and shakes her head) Nah. Never mind.

GRISSOM: You started it.

SARA: Delta Airlines, Flight 1109 , Boston-Miami, March ' 93 , Ken Fuller. Hazel

eyes, Organic Chem Lab TA, BMOC ... overrated ... in ... every aspect. (GRISSOM

looks at SARA.) Could ... we ... get back to work, please?

GRISSOM: Yeah. I think, due to your, uh ... firsthand knowledge and experience

in airplane bathrooms, you should do the swab.

( GRISSOM steps out of the lavatory and walks past SARA back into the main


SARA: Fine.


GRISSOM: ... I need their shoes.

CATHERINE: Why you telling me?

GRISSOM: Because you're the "people" person, right?

CATHERINE: Well, why don't you tell them that? They're not giving me bupkus.


10 Sex Lies and Larvae


SHELTON [to Grissom, chauvanistically]: You have your hands full with her.

GRISSOM: So do you.


GRISSOM [trying to restrain her]: Sara! Sara...

SHELTON: I told you she was a handful.

SARA [furious]: You don't know a handful!

Grissom: Hey, hey. what is the matter with you.

SARA [near tears, frustrated]: I am a woman and I have a gun and look how he treated me. I can only imagine out he treated his wife.


SARA: But we can bury him in evidence. You're the one that's always saying 'It's better to have one piece of forensic evidence than ten eyewitnesses.

GRISSOM: What, do you tape everything I say?


SARA: You want to sleep with me?

( GRISSOM freezes. He puts down his food and takes off his glasses.)

GRISSOM: Did you just say what I think you said?

SARA: That way, when I wake up in a cold sweat under the blanket, hearing

Kaye's screams ... you can tell me it's nothing. (beat) It's just empathy.


11. I-15 Murders

GRISSOM: Hey, kids. All right, listen, hey, I got to jet.


GRISSOM: Sara Sidle. 419.

( GRISSOM hands the assignment sheet to SARA.)

SARA: Dead body-- bonus.

CATHERINE: Whoa, somebody likes their job.

GRISSOM: Nick Stokes-- 416 , fight at the Bellagio. She says she's a "friend"

of yours.

CATHERINE: Ex-girlfriend, Nick?

NICK: Well, that depends. Was she the assaulter or the assaultee?

SARA: You tell us -- you like leather or lace?

NICK: (chuckles) No, I'm not even going there.

( He turns and heads out the door ... then it hits him.)

NICK: Lace.

( SARA looks up and smiles widely at him.)


NICK: (NICK pulls KRISTY to the side.) Get over here! I need your shirt.

( KRISTY stares at NICK.)

KRISTY HOPKINS: Why is it every time we meet you're wanting me to take my

clothes off?

NICK: Because every time we meet you put yourself in a position where you have

to take them off.


WARRICK: Showed him all your cards. Sucker play.

SARA: I was playing him. Cops ran Kenny's financials. He lost a pot in the

market. Had a ton of margin calls. I'm surprised you didn't tag him as a

fellow gambler.

WARRICK: (sighs) Oh, you just don't let up, do you?

SARA: It's a flaw.


SARA: Right angles face the same direction. Take a look.

( SARA steps aside. WARRICK looks at her.)

WARRICK: Oh, now I'm worthy?

SARA: Just take a damn look.


12 Fahrenheit 932


SARA: How did he find you? 1-800- GRISSOM ... ?


13 Boom

WARRICK: What are you guys doing?

SARA: (smugly) We're going to go blow up some bombs.

WARRICK: (envious) Oh, I definitely got the wrong end of this investigation.


17. Face Lift


WARRICK: How do you know about Sara's theory?

DAVID PHILLIPS: Word gets around.

WARRICK: No. You're just siding with Sara 'cause you got a crush on her.

DAVID PHILLIPS: (smiling) No, that's why I wore a clean coat.


NICK: Yeah. He says I'm okay, but you know Greg. Tell me, am I radiating a

green glow?


18. 35k obo


BRASS: Yeah, I know. You know, I ... I can't believe you messed up the crime


GRISSOM: The body fell out when I opened the door. It happens. We move on.

BRASS: Mmm. Going to bother you all day


19. Gentle Gentle

GRISSOM: Are you standing next to the copy machine outside ballistics?

SARA [what?]: You want me to check ballistics?

GRISSOM: No. I want you to move away from that machine.


( SARA looks up and sees GRISSOM walking in to the garage with JANE GILBERT.)

SARA: So, that's why Grissom's late.

WARRICK: You just don't like other women in his life.

SARA: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.


22. Evaluation Day

GRISSOM: I have a shoe fetish. I love feet.

Season 2

2 Chaos Theory

GRISSOM: They have this system in place when you went to school here?

WARRICK: With all the stuff me and my boys got away with, it's probably why

they have them now.


( GRISSOM stares at the wall. He notices something on the wall and takes a very

close look at it. SARA watches as GRISSOM sticks his finger in it and ...

tastes it.)


SARA: Toothpaste-- poor man's spackle. It's an old college trick-- covers up

the holes when the posters come down.

GRISSOM: Ah. Leave the room the way you found it, get back your full deposit.

SARA: Five Hundred Dollars. That huge money at her age if you actually get it.

That's a big college racket, like buying books back?

GRISSOM: Why would anyone want to sell their books?


SARA: Open.

( The N.D. STUDENT clears his throat and doesn't.)

SARA: Are you refusing?

N.D. STUDENT: I haven't brushed my teeth.

WARRICK: Hey, mouth boy, she's not going to kiss you. She just wants your DNA,



( GRISSOM walks in. He's holding his pager.)

GRISSOM: Friederich Miescher requests my presence?

GREG: Figured out my code, huh? Well, you know, my boy Freddy discovered DNA.

GRISSOM: He's been dead a hundred years, Greg. What do you got?

GREG: Well, I ran the samples on COfiler(TM) and Profiler Plus (TM). Then I

compared each specimen against the types obtained from the dried semen that you

found on the victim's mattress ...

GRISSOM: Are we paying you by the word?


7 Caged

( GREG walks to the cabinet and removes a thick book. He leaves through the book

and finds what he's looking for.)

NICK: I always thought you kept your porn in there.

GREG: I move it around. Okay, now, this is a 66- kilodalton globular protein,

composed of two disulfide-linked sub-units, a and B.

NICK: Very impressive.

GREG: And I know what you all think of me -- I'm just another pretty face who

got to where I am by sleeping with Catherine.


GREG: Hmm, which makes two people who know that -- you and the guy who wrote

the book.


10 Ellie

WARRICK: Ah, I don't think so. I got to go back with the body. Sara, can you

get back to the lab and put a rush on this analysis?

SARA: Who died and made you boss?

WARRICK: He's not exactly dead.

SARA: Grissom gave you shift tonight.

( SARA goes back to the body to finish up.)

WARRICK: (to NICK) Anything you want to say?

NICK: Yeah. Good luck.


14 The Finger

CATHERINE: Yeah. Hey, can you do me a favour and drop this off at the lab? I'm

due at a nursery rhyme recital. Lindsey's going to play the girl in the moon.

GRISSOM: What happen to the man in the moon?

CATHERINE: He got the mumps.


( As she passes SARA'S table, she casually and deliberately puts the glass in

front of SARA.)

HANK PEDDIGREW: Is that a finger?


16 Primum non Nocere

GRISSOM: It's a beautiful game.

SARA: Since when are you interested in beauty?

GRISSOM: (without looking up) Since I met you.

( Startled, SARA turns to look at GRISSOM.)


GREG: Well, sex is physical. Is that a sport?

SARA: Not to me.


GRISSOM: What is Victoria's Secret, I wonder?

SARA: Beauty, Grissom. Remember? (SARA takes off her goggles and examines the


( GRISSOM looks through the sheet and a nail falls out. He picks it up and looks

at it.)

GRISSOM: Sheets may be female, but this toenail belonged to a man.

SARA: With all the sex these people are having maybe I should take up hockey.

( GRISSOM looks at SARA. She smiles back at him.)


20 Cats

NICK: Sara, if you found a bomb in your car would you close the hood?

SARA: No, I would back away fast. Um... maybe the hood dropped?

NICK: No way. BMW has built-in hood shocks.

SARA: Liar, liar, car on fire.


GREG: Old knives. New ones are made from stainless steel. Yeah, I'm like a

sponge. I just absorb information.

GRISSOM: I thought that was my line.

GREG: Yeah, and I absorbed it.


21 Anatomy of a Lyre

SARA: Want to pass me the luminol?

( GRISSOM hands SARA the spray bottle and turns off the light. SARA sprays the

front passenger seat area. The seat glows.)

GRISSOM: Well, you do know how to light up a room.


23 Hunger Artist

SARA: I got crabs.

( GRISSOM stops and looks up from his magnifying glass.)

GRISSOM: Excuse me?

SARA: I got crabs. Take a look.


GRISSOM: I'm not playing. I've got a gal named Sara, and she would love that

scarf. What do you say?

( GRISSOM takes off his jacket and holds it out to the man.)

GRISSOM: Trade me.

TOOKIE: Yeah. What the hell.

Season 3

4 A Little Murder

MELANIE GRACE: Does he (Grissom) ever talk? SARA: Yeah. At, uh, random intervals.


9 Blood Lust

GRISSOM: Greg, this is your DNA lab. You are the master. We serve you.

GREG: Well, your stuff just moved to the top of the pile.


SARA: Yeah, but, what about sweat? There's a 17% chance of DNA recovery from

the shooter's perspiration.

GRISSOM: 17% ?

SARA: Yeah. New paper out of Australia. You haven't seen it? (reciting) 17%

chance of DNA recovery from the grip of a gun, 67% chance from a cigarette, 32%

chance from the brim of a hat. Would you like a copy?

GRISSOM: I don't need one. I have you. (beat) Swab the pistol grip; get it

to DNA.


GRISSOM: (to WARRICK) What do you weigh?

WARRICK: Uh, that's between me and my trainer.

GRISSOM: Do I have to get a scale?

WARRICK: A buck 95 , give or take a doughnut.

( GRISSOM turns and looks at SARA. SARA responds without lifting her head from

her file.)

SARA: Don't even ask. I'm not telling you.

GRISSOM: Warrick, would you lie down on the floor?

WARRICK: I don't get paid enough to play dead.

GRISSOM: Please?

( WARRICK sighs. He gets off his chair and lies down on the floor.)

GRISSOM: Sara, grab Warrick's right arm. See if you can drag him across the


SARA: This does have something to do with the case, right?

GRISSOM: You don't trust me?

( SARA looks up at GRISSOM and sighs. She puts her file aside, stands and takes

ahold of WARRICK'S arm. She starts dragging him across the lounge floor.

GRISSOM watches, dissatisfied with the results.)

WARRICK: (murmurs) You're such a drag.

( SARA laughs.)

( GRISSOM looks around and notices a couple of young women standing out in the


GRISSOM: (to WARRICK) Stay there a minute.

( GRISSOM walks outside to the women. He approaches the smaller woman.)

GRISSOM: Excuse me. Hi. (she turns around) Judy, right? (she nods) Judy,

would you like to be part of a little experiment?

JUDY: (warily) I-I'm a secretary. Besides, I heard what you did to Greg's


GRISSOM: You'll keep your shoes on, I promise.

( He takes her hand and leads her back into the Lounge.)

WARRICK: Can I get up?

GRISSOM: No. Spin around. Judy, would you take Warrick by the right arm and

try and drag him across the room?

WARRICK: Hi, Judy.


( JUDY takes WARRICK'S arm and tries to move him. She jerks hard on his arm to

get the leverage to pull him a few inches. WARRICK grunts at the treatment.)

WARRICK: Hey, I like it gentle, okay?

( JULY continues to try to move WARRICK. He grunts some more with her effort.)

GRISSOM: Thank you, Judy. You've been a big help.

WARRICK: Thanks.

GRISSOM: (to JUDY) You can go back to the water cooler.

( JUDY leaves the lounge. WARRICK stands up.)

WARRICK: You want to tell me what's going on here?

GRISSOM: Stewart Bradley had a dislocated shoulder postmortem. He's about the

same weight as you. How does your shoulder feel?

WARRICK: You saw her dragging me around. You know, I'm glad I can help. I,

uh, I'm late for the chiropractor's. I'll send you the bill.

( WARRICK rushes out of the room.)

SARA: I get it. I'm bigger than Judy. In order to get momentum, she had to

start and stop. Which could explain Stewart Bradley's postmortem dislocated



10 High and Low

( CATHERINE is in the lab working on the bags. SARA walks in. She clears her

throat to get CATHERINE'S attention.)

SARA: Can you help me out?

CATHERINE: Uh ... depends.

SARA: I can't get out into the field because I'm maxed out on overtime for the


CATHERINE: Ah, and you're confined to the lab, huh? Well, hey, look, it's

regular hours. I mean, go have dinner with the boyfriend ... Hank, right? And,

and ... go, go to a spa.

SARA: Hank is not my boyfriend. And you know, those places are filled with


CATHERINE: Sara, I don't make the rules around here. You've got to talk to

Grissom about that.

SARA: Yeah ... he's, um, not really in a talking mood.

CATHERINE: What makes you think he's going talk to me? (SARA shrugs.) Get

some rest.

SARA: I'm not tired. Really. I'm not tired.


22 Play with Fire

GRISSOM: (quietly) Are you okay?

( It takes her a moment, but SARA turns and looks at GRISSOM. She has a gash on

her forehead and another across her cheek. She's also holding her left hand

gingerly in her lap.)

SARA: (dazed) Uh-huh.

( GRISSOM looks down at her hand. He picks her hand up and sees the large

bloodied gash on her palm.)

GRISSOM: Honey, this doesn't look good.

SARA: (shakes her head) It's fine.

( SARA looks at GRISSOM.)

SARA: Cleanup's going to be something. We should get started.

( GRISSOM looks down at her hand.)

GRISSOM: You need to get stitches.

( SARA shakes her head again.)

SARA: I'm okay.

( She moves to stand up.)

GRISSOM: (shouts) Would you take care of her hand, please?

( GRISSOM grasps both her hands and helps SARA up. The PARAMEDIC walks over and escorts SARA away.)


( SARA appears in the doorway and leans against the door frame.)

SARA: You ... got a minute?

( GRISSOM looks up and takes the card out of the rolodex.)

GRISSOM: I was just leaving.

SARA: Yeah, the, uh, schedule says you're off tonight.


SARA: Me, too.

( GRISSOM tucks his glasses into his pocket.)

GRISSOM: You should be on paid leave.

SARA: I'm fine.

GRISSOM: You were fortunate. And I'm not talking about the explosion.

SARA: You, uh, you talked to Brass?

GRISSOM: And Nick.

( GRISSOM gathers his things.)

SARA: We got the guy.

( He stands up and takes a couple of steps toward the door.)

GRISSOM: Is that all you have to say?

SARA: Would you like to have dinner with me?

( GRISSOM stops.)


SARA: Why not? Let's ... let's have dinner. Let's see what happens.

GRISSOM: Sara ...

( GRISSOM pauses and sighs.)

GRISSOM: I don't know what to do about this.

SARA: (nods) I do.

( They look at each other.)

SARA: You know, by the time you figure it out, you really could be too late.

( SARA turns and leaves. GRISSOM stares after her. He takes a step forward,

then reaches out and turns off his office lights. GRISSOM leaves.)


Season 4


1. Assume Nothing

( CATHERINE'S cell phone rings. She answers it. When CATHERINE turns away, the

DANCER starts to work on GRISSOM.)

DANCER: (smiling) Hi. Would you like a dance?

( GRISSOM takes off his glasses. While CATHERINE'S on the phone, she keeps an

eye on GRISSOM. She finishes her conversation.)

CATHERINE: Uh, I got to be at the courthouse. Apparently, there's a last-

minute evidentiary hearing in the Sam Braun case. I need to be there.

DANCER: You sure you don't want a dance? I could be your specimen. You could

be my mad scientist.

CATHERINE: (smiles) He already is, sweetheart. Thanks.


SARA: This is our first bucket brigade together, gentlemen. Try and say that

ten times fast. Bucket brigade. Bucket brigade. Bucket brigade.


2 Call for our Country

CATHERINE: Whoa, this isn't half bad for college kids.

SARA: Yeah. Why live in a one-room flea bag when you can pool your resources

and live like this.

CATHERINE: Hey, how 'bout it: You, me, Warrick, Nick, Grissom ...

SARA: (shakes her head) Oh, nnn ... Not Grissom.

CATHERINE: What the hell is this?

OFFICER: Ma'am, you may want to take one of these.

( He hands them an open umbrella.)

SARA: Thank you.

CATHERINE: Thanks. Where's the body?

OFFICER: Upstairs.

SARA: Upstairs?


( They get a good look at the first floor and the entire ceiling is leaking.)

CATHERINE: It's raining man juice?

SARA:;: Hallelujah?

SARA: Weathers Clearing

CATHERINE: Yeah, shame about the smell.

( SARA'S the first to see it. There's a dead body floating in the tub completely

bloated. SGT. O'RILEY stands next to the tub.)

SARA: Oh, my goodness.

( CATHERINE steps to the doorway and sees the body.)


O'RILEY: Soup's on.


4 Invisible Evidence


SARA: You know what pisses me off?

NICK: Lots of things.

SARA: (ignoring him) Victims aren't equal. High profile cases get priority.

NICK: A ticking clock gets priority.

SARA: Every case is a ticking clock. The only difference between a cold case

and a hot case is time.

NICK: I don't care if you're working on the hottest case of your career. If

your supervisor tells you to leave a scene to go wash his car, you do it.

( SARA looks at NICK. She can't believe what she just heard.)



CATHERINE: Hey, you.


CATHERINE: How, uh, are you holding up?

WARRICK: I'm fine.

CATHERINE: You sure?


CATHERINE: You're in the women's bathroom.

( WARRICK straightens up and looks around. CATHERINE cracks a smile as WARRICK

turns to get some paper towels to dry his face.)

WARRICK: Oh, god, I'm sorry.

CATHERINE: No, I ... I'm all for it.

WARRICK: (he chuckles) Oh, god ... Oh ...

( WARRICK walks back to CATHERINE and sighs.)



SARA: Pin me down.

( GRISSOM takes a step forward. He holds SARA'S wrists and pushes against her as

she pushes back to illustrate what she's thinking.)

SARA: She would have struggled. Then, she gave up. Afterward, when he got up,

he put his hands on the sheet for leverage.

( After a moment, GRISSOM releases SARA'S wrists and places his hands on the

sheet near her waist.)

GRISSOM: Like this.

( SARA nods.)

GRISSOM: Which explains how the wax got from him to the sheets.

( SARA turns to look at GRISSOM.)

SARA: Yes.

( For a moment, the two are standing there. SARA takes a breath and breaks the

moment. She puts her hands down and steps away from the sheet - away from


SARA: Grissom, um, I, um, wanted to talk to you about something.

( GRISSOM turns around with her.)

GRISSOM: Go ahead.

SARA: Well, you know, I applied for the promotion for the key position.

GRISSOM: (nods) Your application's on my desk.

SARA: About that -- I, um ... I needed to know ... (she stops) ... I ... I

wanted to make sure, rather, that anything that happened or didn't happen

between us won't be a factor.

( A little lost at what she's saying, GRISSOM doesn't say anything. Awkward,

SARA breaks the silent patch.)

SARA: Never mind. I-I shouldn't have said anything.

( GRISSOM still has a stunned look on his face, just staring at SARA and what

she's asking.)

SARA: (smiles, embarrassed) I, um ... I'm always over-talking around you.

( SARA turns and leaves the lab, escaping.)



6 Fur and Loathing


CATHERINE: Oh, yeah. That's what you see out of. I once dated the Detroit

Lions Mascot. Off-season. Dutch was his name.

GRISSOM: The breadth of your social experience never ceases to impress me.


CATHERINE: This isn't a costume. It's a six-foot condom. Explains why there

was no blood on the road.


CATHERINE: Okay, well ... I've heard of some guys getting off in some weird

ways, but humping an animal suit? Well, whatever happened to normal sex?

GRISSOM: What is normal sex?


CATHERINE: Well, I like hairy chests, but I'm not about to bop a six-foot weasel.


11 11 Angry Jurors


DORSEY: (DORSEY glances around and lowers his voice

confidentially.) By the way ... I heard the rumour, and I'm sorry.

NICK: What rumour?

DORSEY: Everybody on the day shift says that you deserved that promotion. You

ask me, Grissom only gave Sara a higher evaluation because of their history.

NICK: He gave Sara ... ?

12 Butterflied


GRISSOM: (quietly) It's sad, isn't it, doc? Guys like us. Couple of middle-

aged men who've allowed their work to consume their lives.

( Although he doesn't turn to look at GRISSOM, he's listening.)

GRISSOM: The only time we ever touch other people is when we're wearing our

latex gloves.

( LURIE turns to look at GRISSOM.)

GRISSOM: We wake up one day and realize that for fifty years we haven't really

lived at all. But then, all of a sudden ... we get a second chance.

( Quick flashback to: [DAY OF THE MURDER] DEBBIE MARLIN rushes out to the

living room carrying a wine bottle and two glasses. She puts them on the


( She lights the candles on the table, then turns and rushes down the hallway to

light the other candles. Camera moves and we see a figure standing in the

doorway watching her.)

GRISSOM: (v.o.) Somebody young and beautiful shows up. Somebody ...

( End of flashback. Resume to present.)

GRISSOM: ... we could care about. She offers us a new life with her ... ...

but we have a big decision to make, right? Because we have to risk everything

we've worked for in order to have her.

( GRISSOM'S eyes move off of LURIE and his words turn introspective.)

GRISSOM: I couldn't do it ...

( He refocuses on LURIE; their eyes meet.)

GRISSOM: ... but you did. You risked it all ...

( LURIE looks away, unable to hold GRISSOM'S knowing gaze.)

GRISSOM: ... and she showed you a wonderful life, didn't she? But then she

took it away and gave it to somebody else, ...

( Quick flashback to: [BEDROOM] LURIE sits on the bed as DEBBIE MARLIN ends

their relationship. LURIE buries his head in his hands.)

GRISSOM: (v.o.) ... and you were lost.

( End of flashback. Resume to present.)

GRISSOM: So you took her life.

GRISSOM: You killed them both, and now you have nothing.

VINCENT LURIE: (nods) I'm still here.

GRISSOM: Are you?

( VINCENT LURIE turns and walks out of the interview room, his LAWYER following

behind him.)


( Through the glass, SARA watches GRISSOM sitting at the interview table, her

image reflected in the glass. Just how long she's been standing there, how much

she's heard, is anyone's guess.)

( Camera refocuses on SARA.)

( Although by the look on her face, we suspect she's heard it all. She watches

as GRISSOM shakes his head and lowers it. BRASS walks out of the room leaving

GRISSOM alone at the table while SARA watches him.)


13 Suckers

GRISSOM: Nick, want to do me a favor and tape-lift that?

NICK: Sure.

( NICK takes a tape lift and puts it over the dusted print. He presses. He rips

the tape lift off the scabbard taking part of the hide covering with it.)

( NICK'S eyes widen and he looks at SARA to see if she saw. Oh, yeah. SARA

looks at NICK, her eyes just as wide. NICK swallows.)

NICK: Grissom, how's our insurance?

( GRISSOM turns and sees the damaged sword.)

NICK: I was being careful, I swear.

( GRISSOM examines the damage as SARA walks around the table for a better view.)

GRISSOM: Should four-hundred-year-old lacquer look this good? (He sniffs it.)

And smell like acrylic?


16 Getting There

( DET. CAVALIERE snaps a picture. The flash startles SARA and she turns to look

at him.)

DET. CAVALIERE: Don't get territorial. It's for my own personal collection.

CATHERINE: Whatever blows your skirt up. Burn me a copy.


GREG: Can't tell you how long they've been there, or how often the guy changes

his shorts. You know, I knew guys that could go up to four days on one single

pair of tighty-whities.

CATHERINE: Thanks for putting that picture in my brain.


BUDDY WEEN: Uh, strippers are down the hall, girls. This is clowns.

SARA: (dryly) No kidding.


22 No more Bets

( SARA opens her locker as NICK goes back to looking at his letter. He puts the

letter down, thinking about it. SARA notices that he's troubled about


SARA: Everything okay?

( NICK raises the letter.)

NICK: This is about the key CSI position. Grissom recommended me.

( The look on her face freezes. It takes a beat, then she smiles.)

SARA: Congratulations.

( NICK tucks the letter back into its envelope and stands up to get ready for his


NICK: It's not necessary. Position was cut. Budget had room for the new

promotion or a new qiagen, bio robot ez- 1. Greg will be thrilled.

( As he talks, SARA'S lost in her thoughts. NICK checks his weapon and tucks it

in his side.)

SARA: (less than enthusiastic) Yeah.

( NICK shuts his locker door, turns and glances at SARA before heading for the


NICK: Oh, well, it's just an honour to be nominated, right?

( NICK leaves the room. SARA'S left standing in the locker room alone.)


SARA: Nick said the budget for the promotion was cut.

GRISSOM: 240 inches-- 20 feet.

SARA: He also said you recommended him.

( SARA lets go of the tape measure. It slides along the length of the limo and

snaps back in front of GRISSOM. He looks at her.)


( She turns to look at the tires. GRISSOM clicks his pen open and writes on the


( SARA finds blue glass bits embedded in the tire treads.)

SARA: Possible neon glass fragment.

( She reaches to her kit to get an instrument to take a sample of the glass.

GRISSOM walks over to her. She picks off the glass and looks at it. GRISSOM

kneels in front of her, his eyes on the fragment in her hand.)

( He looks at SARA. She looks at him.)

( Cut to: [INSIDE THE LIMO])

( The limo door opens on both sides. GRISSOM looks in from the left as SARA

crawls into the back of the limo from the right.)

( They both sit on the side seat. SARA sprays the back of the limo as GRISSOM

sprays the front.)

SARA: You said you didn't have a problem with me.

GRISSOM: I don't.

( They continue to spray the seats.)

GRISSOM: I thought that Nick was the best candidate for the position.

SARA: Why?

GRISSOM: Because he didn't care whether he got the job or not.

( SARA stops spraying.)

SARA: That's a stupid reason.


23 Bloodlines


( SARA stands in the hallway watching LINLEY with the FORENSIC ARTIST. GRISSOM

walks down the hallway and sees SARA. He walks over and stops next to her.

Though she doesn't turn, she knows he's there.)

SARA: What?

GRISSOM: How many vacation days do you have on the books?

SARA: About ... (She turns to look at him.) ... ten weeks, I guess. Why?

GRISSOM: I think you should take a week or two.

SARA: I-I'm still on the case. I just didn't do the interview for once in my


( GRISSOM nods and glances inside the room. He turns back to look at SARA.)

SARA: When was the last time you took vacation? (beat) Never, right?


( GRISSOM turns and leaves.)




( GRISSOM is at his desk when the phone rings. He answers it.)

GRISSOM: (to phone) Grissom. (pause) Yes. (pause)

( He takes off his glasses as he listens.)

GRISSOM: Is she all right?


( SARA is driving on the road. The police officer turns the corner and sounds

his siren.)

OFFICER: (v.o.) she was lucky she wasn't on the strip. That's highway

patrol's jurisdiction.

( Cut to: SARA takes a breathalyzer test.)

OFFICER: (v.o.) She blew . 09.

( SARA looks around.)



( The OFFICER escorts GRISSOM through the hallway.)

OFFICER: Technically, she's over, but they just lowered the limit, so we cut

her a break and didn't book her. But we did have to call the supervisor.

( They turn into the WAITING ROOM. The OFFICER points to SARA.)

GRISSOM: Well, thank you. I appreciate the courtesy.

OFFICER: No problem.

( The OFFICER leaves. GRISSOM walks over to SARA and sits down next to her. She

stares out straight in front of her.)

( He looks at her and sighs. He reaches over and takes her hand.)

GRISSOM: Come on. I'll take you home.

( SARA lowers her head.)



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