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Our college has a lovely magazine which contains one page just of the silly things that people say and people remember and take the p*ss of for the rest of their college life. Just because it was published. Here are just a few. The first three are just a sneak peek of what we plan to submit to the next issue. Its only two weeks into term and between two of us we already have three. It could be a full page this year.




Mr Kent when talking about the cannabalistic prawns in the bio dept tank.

Mr Kent: When a male prawn likes a female prawn he bangs on the rocks to say "im so manly look at me banging" [to demonstrate he bangs his fists on the desk]

[At this point one of the female lab techs enters the conversation]

Lab Tech: And i'm the female and i'm thinking "I've never seen a prawn banging like that."


Mrs. Martin while examining a cell micrograph in a biology class.

Alana: So whats that, then?

Mrs Martin[pointing at the micrograph]: That there's one big Villi.

Alana: Really?


[Maddy During a discussion about the college network access with Mr Chalmers]

Maddy: Its down more than its up.

Mr. Chalmers: Is that so? [with a slight eyebrow raise goin' on]




Mr. Chalmers :Concentrate on Kekules Structure not on me!

[SFC Chem Class]


Mr. Kent (again): Reproduction is a bit of a C*ck Up.

[SFC Bio Class]


Charlie: I'm going to go play with the little kiddies for my UCAS.

Rebs: I dont think UCAS approve of that kind of thing


[GCSE ICT Class]

Mr. Watson:If you put your floppy disk into too many drives you will get a virus.



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