The Geography Trip to Hell (Slapton, Devon)

The Photos are all thanks to my good friend Elly and her snap happy attitude. (All names go from left to right across the photos)

Elly, Cherry and Hannah

Sophie, Amber and Pippa - Yummy Lunch, how civilised...

Breakfast -(Milla, Lulu, Pippa, Amber, Me, Sophie, Kat, Sara and G at the head of the table.)

I couldn't see some people to name them, sorry.

Christiana, Me and Cherry -

The cows that stampeded us being rounded up!

Chris and I looking particularly attractive being blown over on Slapton Sands.

(3 pairs of trousers and 7 tops under all that, and I was still cold.)

Chris and I with the Dumpey Level ( I love that name hee.)

and last and definately least Ginger Daddy ! (Yeeegh...)










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