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Name: Emma

[Picture looks very posed as it was taken from last years art portfolio, It was meant to be like that at the time. At some point I will get rid of the noise and find a better one, but for now this will have to do.]

DOB: 17/11/1987

Bio: I'm a college student in england and am working towards my AS-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Computing and Geography. I'm an only child and live in the middle of nowhere hence i have the time to do this, getting into the nearest town to meet people is such a hassle and damn expensive.

I'm 5'8", 120lbs, have dark blonde shoulder length hair which is kinda flicky- it frustrates me no end- and Green eyes. [I find it helps to be able to visualise people but then maybe thats just me?]

I'm a bit of a fitness fanatic,I love to play it but watching it can send me to sleep literally. Weird that. Hm. I do everything and anything including, Gymnastics, Cross-country, Athletics, Badminton, Netball and Karate. Ok so, quite an eclectic selection but...never mind.

I do community links in some of my spare time. I go and help out as a teaching assistant at one of the local primary schools once a week. I also like to help out as a lighting and sound techie in theatrical productions concerts etc. Its more fun than it sounds really. Last time i even ended up in the outtakes. Doing something stupid as per usual.







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