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New CSI Fanfic is up "Dare to Dream". Short and Fluffy with the option to be longer and fluffy.

[Updated - 15/11/04]

Finally the photos from "Slapton" are Up :: PHOTOS

Ok so i haven't got round to those updates yet. Work is driving me crazy, but i have mostly a free week next week as its my mid-term break and i can spend that week updating my pages ready to upload them as soon as i get back to college.

[Updated 18.10.04]


I have finally sorted most of the current pages in this site and will now be slowly adding to it as i come up with things to put on it. This could be a long and difficult task to complete. I will start to put some spoilers up soon once I get up to date on all my real work, damn.

Updated [5.10.04]


The college techies have gone and blocked xanga so just will have to make this a little better while i'm waiting. You can still go see it here...but dont expect any updates for a while.