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“Are you really there… or is it just my imagination?” GSR


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Grissom stood stiffly in the doorway of his office and sighed. The tedium of the night was beginning to get to him, it was only about half way through shift and already he wanted to go home. This was not normally a problem he faced. Their few simple cases had been handed out, and the pile of paperwork that appeared to be growing a life of its own on his desk was not the most appealing of sights. A frown creased his brow and instead of entering his office he immediately turned back down the corridor. His first thought, to hijack a mug of coffee from Greg’s “not-so-secret” store. The quality of the community coffee seemed to be deteriorating daily. Before he even reached the coffee pot however he stopped suddenly, drawn by a slight noise from the corner of the room. He lowered the hand hovering over the pot and rotated his head hesitantly towards the origin of the sound.


It was supposed to be her night off and it surprised him for a second to see her there until he contemplated who he was thinking about. In which case being at work on her night off was not an uncommon occurrence. He raised a trademark eyebrow; no one could surprise him quite like she could. For someone so private to allow anyone to see her asleep, while at her most vulnerable, was not something he expected.


It worried him more than he would ever admit that she had probably not been home since the day before. Although described as unfeeling by many of his colleagues, and not known for his observational skills when it came to the people who worked for him, he did notice when things were not as normal. He simply did not act on most of these thoughts. After so many years of repressing his emotions, he had this form of self-control down to an art. As much as it was often joked that Sara slept at the lab, he was fairly certain she generally went home once every 24 hours at least. When she really did start sleeping in the lab, then that was the time to be concerned.


He hesitated for a second before moving towards her. He stood a couple of feet away and let his gaze wander over her prone form. His eyes rested on her face and drank in the tranquillity he found there. It was rare for him to see her so relaxed. She immediately seemed to tense when he entered a room and a slight grimace crossed his face at this thought. When had things got this bad?


Before really giving himself time to truly consider on the situation he crouched down and ran the back of his fingers across her cheek. “Sara?” he whispered. His first thought was to wake her, but on reflection he decided that if she was sleeping in the break room she obviously needed the rest, and he was not about to let her drive that tired.


As he eased his arms beneath her relaxed body she mumbled a little and wriggled. Her warmth seemed to soak into his arms as he lifted her from the chair and cradled her in his arms.


She seemed to try to cocoon herself into his body. Turning her head into his shoulder and moving her hand onto his arm. His breath hitched in his chest as her fingers unconsciously grazed the skin of his forearm and it took him a couple of moments to get his breathing back in order.


He thanked god for making it such a quiet night as he carried her out of the lab and manoeuvred her into the back of his Tahoe. He didn’t pass anyone in the halls and for that was eternally grateful. This was not really a situation he wanted to be passed around the lab grapevine for the next year or so, and he was sure Sara would feel the same way. It was probably not the wisest idea, but by now it was a little late to be backing out.

He sent a page to Catherine telling her he was leaving her in charge, deciding it was probably best not to elaborate. Catherine’s curiosity would probably lead her to her own conclusions.


Grissom kept glancing over his shoulder at her sleeping form, she had barely moved since he had laid her down and he doubted that she would. If nothing had woken her thus far it seemed that nothing would. It was proof as to just how tired she must have been. How could he not have noticed this imminent burn-out? He used to be so good at spotting this kind of situation coming a mile off and trying to head it off early. His methods of averting these however often left a little to be desired. Telling her to “get a diversion” was not one of his shining moments but it did have an effect, however detrimental to their already tense relationship.


He doubted Sara would particularly like waking up in a strange house but it was the best strategy he could devise considering he didn’t know where her keys were and didn’t think it sensible to search her pockets. He parked the SUV and hopped out closing the door as quietly as he could without waking her. He walked to his front door opening it and putting his keys down on the table just inside, before walking back to the car.


Sara was vaguely aware of being moved and the warmth of another body, but chalked it up to a lack of sleep and an overactive imagination. She breathed in deeply and almost squeaked with shock before silencing herself. There was only one person that could be. She would recognise his scent anywhere. Sara could barely count the number of times she had been in this close proximity to him, and yet she was still more aware of him than anyone else. She took another quiet shaky breath and quickly decided this was not something she wanted to end just yet. She tried vainly to memorise the feel of his shirt and his unique scent. How many times had she imagined similar scenarios, only to wake up alone as always?


It was not a fantasy that Sara allowed herself to wallow in very often, due to the simple fact that Grissom had made it quite clear to her that it would never happen. She had always taken for granted that one day she would meet the right man, get married, and have kids, the normal life progression. But recently it seemed that this would be an unattainable scenario for her. The man she loved, either did not, or would not admit, that he loved her. Or wait …it wasn’t that. He knew but wouldn’t do anything about it. She didn’t know which was worse, thinking he didn’t care, or knowing that he did.


It did appear that things were looking up a little on that count. After all, here she was in his arms, not entirely sure where she was being taken, but at this point she honestly didn’t care. A smile graced her features, she simply couldn’t contain it. She forced herself to relax and keep her eyes closed in the hope that the dream wouldn’t end.


The warmth hit her when they entered the house. He kept the lights off and Sara was touched by the gesture despite the fact she was finding it very difficult to concentrate on anything very much. He carried her through the townhouse and nudged his bedroom door open with his foot. He laid her gingerly on his bed, the sheets were warm and she seemed to sink into their depths. Grissom carefully removed her shoes and pulled back the sheets on the opposite side. He eased his hands beneath her once more and slid her between the cool sheets.

He moved back and stood a little way across the room rubbing the back of his ring finger in a nervous gesture. He was finally beginning to realise the impact that his impulsive actions would have. He had a beautiful, young subordinate, in his bed. It had sexual harassment written all over it. He breathed out roughly shaking his head slightly. She had after all asked him out, she wasn’t going to hit him when she finally woke up, was she? Quite probably, was the only answer he came up with and he smiled grimly. He would have to deal with that if and when it came to it.


Grissom walked silently to the bed, and leaning over, brushed a couple of strands of hair from her face with his hand and kissed her forehead tenderly. He turned once more and strode towards the door turning once in the doorway and seeing her move, he hesitated only slightly, before continuing on to the kitchen.


Sara touched her forehead lightly where he had kissed it and quivered silently. She turned her face into his pillow and breathed in deeply. This was one night she was unwilling to forget, and she certainly wasn’t about to let Grissom forget it either. He had a tendency to forget things that happened between them, ignore or forget anyway. She stretched out in a leisurely fashion running her hand over the crisp sheets and imagining it was more than just empty air beside her. If there was even the slightest chance that he returned her affections, she was going to fight for them tooth and nail.




A/N – See, never gonna happen. ‘Cause hell… who sleeps through all that? :-D Also, do you want a “Dare to Dream Pt 2”? I was thinking of doing an evening after scene… I wasn’t sure if I should to just leave it at this or not.


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