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Magic Beings

Theres nothing wrong with seeing a UFO, but I think that there is something wrong with letting a UFO Cult Leader make the same promises that an 80's Evangilest does about Christ comming..... Even if he says he'll be in a Mother-Ship!

First of all..... Based on some of the Mind-Blowing Electrical Flying Machines I've see the Plans for(Look Here), Earth's Upper Atmosphere makes a pretty good "Gas Station" for any Hovering Craft that would Utilize these Principals of Flight. Hence.... Your shiny Diamonds dancing in the Sky.

Secondly.....Experience tells us that we need to get involved anyway, not withstandind the fact that we need to act in a prepaired manner wherever we can. Therefor.... I've prepaired myself for the end of "The End-Of-Times", and am now ready to live like there is in fact a Tomorrow comming! Hence..... Intelligent life sought!

Thirdly.....How many times have you seen a Kid doing something that could have caused him/her some suffering while you were out and about and said something to the rascall about it? Hence..... Wanings and Messages!