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*AboUt ThIs SiTe*

~*This Site is by Lily Yu, a student currently attending Wootton High School. This website is a place where I upload images for mai xanga and add personal entries and even some cute graphics that you can take from me but rememba to link back!*~

*AboUt Me*

NaMe: *Lils*
Mai B-Day: 7/28/1989
Gender: Guess...Stupid..
Where: Maryland
Occupation: TeEnAgEr
Hobbies: Modeling, Dancing jazz and ballet: Playing the flute: Sketching & Painting: Reading....
AiM ScrEenName:BaYbianGieLils
FaVoriTe BooK:HaHa..I guess..Little Women..Lol
BeSt FrieNds:Sue Byun & KaTie BaSsLer
FaVoriTe FooD:SPagHetti!!...Lol

Credits and Linkage

~*If you take graphics or quotes from mai site, you have to rememba to link back! Or else I will put u on the wall of shame. My banner that you can add to your xanga site or site is:

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