Hi my name is Aaron and this is my website about basketball. I like it alot. I play in the OBA, which stands for Ontario Basketball Association. The team I play for is the Ajax Lions. Well anyway, thank you for visiting my website and please come back soon

WHATS UP BALLERS look here Yo for all you ballers out there click the "look here" button and you will find out about all the trades in the NBA right now. HI check it out For all you street ballers out there click the "check it out"button and u will find out more about and 1, by the way there is videos about the Showdown, Skip to my lou, Ricky Davis and Alimoe when you go to the box that says Showdown on the Playground. the hype games If you want to check out hype playstation 2 and xbox games you should click on "the hype games"button. look at thisThis link is for women and men you will be able to find out about the WNBA and the NBA it is a very good link. kids b-ball This link is for kids who love basketball and want to try out if they have not played OBA before. This link is also a link to look up each teams stats and find out what place they are in. This a very good link for kids. evreything If you are not really into basketball click the "everything"button because you can check out other sports than basketball.everything#2This is the same kind of thing as the "everything"button. It's just another link. the musicThis link is for people who love rap and hip hop music because this link brings you to bet.com. the shoesThis link is the shoes because you will find shoes and things that you would really like.got to be the shoes This link brings you to footlocker.com to find out prices of clothing, hats, shoes, wrist bands ,and head bands.

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