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My Quotes/Poems Ect...

*Neva say I love u if it isn't really there*Neva talk about feelings if you really don't care* :
*Neva hold my hand if your gonna break my <3*Neva say you are gonna If you don't plan to start* :
*Neva look into my eyes, If all you do is lie*Neva say hello if you really mean goodbye*If you really mean forever*Then please say you'll try*Never say forever.. Because forever makes me cry* <3 ****** ***** ~unknown~
My Poem
I don't ever wanna see you again, But I stuck by you till the end.
At one time I thought you were the one and only person I could trust I thought it was just you and I .. I never worried about what would happen in the future because I was too satisfied with the way things were in the present I should have known something so good wouldnt have lasted this long I hate it so much, that I cant change the fact that you don't feel the same way about me as you used to... Or the same way as I still feel about you And I hate it so much because I cant blame you for what u don't feel Even though I could never look at you the same way again because of everything you put me through, I still have those familar feelings deep down inside And I still have all the memories we shared And I can still feel your hand holding mine I used to be so happy But now it's like my whole world has changed and what hurts the most is that, im not sure that you even care anymore and im beginning to wonder if you ever did care I just want you to know that after all that has happened I still have love for you Not infatuation and not just words but I truly care about you.. Theres not a second that I don't think or worry about you! I wish you the best at whatever you want in life and I wish I could still be by your side untill that day But I guess its time for me to just let go And I think it's best if we just go our own seperate ways love always <3

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