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a little info.

*she walks into the room as if she owned it. nothing about this young elf is common.she looks flawless as if she was carved from ivory,from her ample breast to the curve of her hips.her long black hair sets off her soft ivory slink.her soft blue eyes seem to glow with their own light.she looks as if she steped out of a painting and was not really real at all.a tight light blue silk corset,it binds her breast makeing it seem as if she had more then she does.tights black viynal pants look like they were painted on,hugging her slim hips and flaring at the bottoms.peeking out from under her pants are black steal toed boots.* little to nothing i knowen of Astra, she seemed to come from no where.she is what is called a ice elf, some call her the snow queen do to the lack of true feelings.her mother died when she was young and when she was old enough her father tought her the joys of pain. he was that head tourcherer for a near by king.when most girls her age were learing to cook and sew, Astra was tought to use a whip and other things. she also snuck down to learn to make the wepons.

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