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da new world order

ta da gurls

hey i know we have our up and downs but we`re meet in the middle
Black Cherri
to my buddy my pal we just started too get ta know each other in the end we will became best friends
hey what can i say about but you know how i feel and thats all that remains
hey ma thanks for keeping me in check. your the bestest friend a gurl could have.
D.R maddie
even through i just got ta understand ya you know that we are cool
tweety bird`s queen
nice name huh? just wanted people to know that your his number one fan much love
a.m maddie
wat up much love from short

ta da bois

its been a long time since we seen each but it was cool to see ya have not changed since third grade
to my best male friend the words can not be expressed through this just a hug even through your gone we will still be friends til the end
hey man i just recently got ta know ya but its been fun please bother khandis more

da new world order

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