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Mother son story of a young woman who tries to stop nude play with her ten year old boy.
Mom's girlfriends try to help deflect precocious child's attention. Some consensual sex.
By Anne Blaydon

Jo looked at her watch when she opened the door to her apartment. 9.55. Her son Eddie had left shoes in the middle of the hall and socks one at a time on the way to the kitchen. There was a pile of comics on the table and he was reading one.

"How's Jeremy?" she asked as she started cleaning up. She had arranged with Jeremy's parents that Eddie eat dinner there when she had to work late.

"Fine" the ten year old replied.

"Are these his comics?" She had arranged with Jeremy's parents that Eddie eat dinner there when she had to work late.

"Nope, mine, he gave me 'em."

She nearly asked if Jeremy's mom had told her boy to get rid of them but contented herself with "Better get to bed, son."

He looked at her "You coming soon?"

Jo felt a pang of guilty pleasure. The boy was staring at her breasts. In the strong kitchen light he could see through her white blouse. Her breasts were small and her unpadded bra was white. He had been born when she was sixteen and they often went around naked at home.

But he had never looked at her more than once before. He looked like a cherub as he gazed intently at her breasts. She glumly supposed that he was growing up now and this would have to stop.

She said "Yes, I'm tired. I want to sleep."

Eddie went off with his comic. His mom's room had two queen size beds and he usually slept there. When his mom's friend Gloria was over he slept in the other room.

Tonight he wanted to watch his mom undress. Today Jeremy told him his dickie whanged out hard when he looked at a picture of a naked woman. Jeremy said "I've never seen a real woman naked, have you?" Eddie changed the subject. The same thing happened to him and he didn't want to share it.

When Jo entered the bedroom her son was propped up on pillows with a comic. She turned off his reading light and took away the book. "Get some sleep, son." She kissed him on the forehead. He pulled her face down and kissed her lips. She kept her mouth closed and he licked her lips. This was madness, she must stop it!

After a short delicious eternity he let her go. She pulled away laughing. "Boys are not supposed to kiss their moms like that" was her mild rebuke. He had never kissed like that before. She had enjoyed it too much.

The kiss had crushed the pillows. She made him sit up and fluffed them. The cherub she had kissed was a nude cherub. She should stop this.

"Don't you think..." she began, but he interrupted.

"Can you tell a story, mom?" He didn't want her to go away.

She sat on the bed and he reclined. The covers were below his waist and she reluctantly pulled them up. She was tired, but she would tell him a story.

She racked her brains for a story. Finally she remembered one. The words were somewhere in her memory.

"Long ago there lived a man and woman who had no children. As year followed year this was their only sorrow." Her mind was not on it but she thought she could recite the words.

"You look tired, mom." She must stop this. The boy had a suggestion. "You could tell the story while you get undressed. And keep telling it in bed." He added. "What's the name of the story?"

"Rapunzel" she muttered. He was sitting up playing with the buttons on her blouse. Not succeeding in undoing any. They had played like this before but he'd never been this eager. Oh well, they didn't have to stop for a few more minutes.

He sat up with his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands and watched her fingers undo the buttons. She looked at his face. One button popped off but that didn't matter.

She looked at the bedsheet that was covering her son's lap. She scolded herself looking there.

She remembered when she played around with George who lived two blocks over. He was fifteen and she was sixteen, his parents went away sometimes.

The first time George got naked they had been cycling. She had left her pack with a change of clothes in his room so his mother wouldn't put away somewhere. It started raining and they went back early. There was a voice message that his parents would not be back 'til tomorrow.

They started wrestling on the way up to his room. She didn't want to stop and soon they were on the floor and her finger was outlining the long bulge in his spandex shorts. She tried to pull them down and he helped, but he had to stand up to get them off.

George was wearing jockey shorts and she sat in front of him and played with him. Then she asked if she could pull them down. He was looking away so she asked again. His eyes met hers and he tried to say something.

She thought she saw him nod so she pulled them down and his manhood tumbled out in front of her face. He was limp.

"You gonna get undressed Mom?" Her cherub had a right to interrupt. "And the story?"

She stood up and tried to act weary. It seemed the only way to make it proper. Her cheeks were burning. She tried to focus, make the words come out.

"Then one spring the wife felt the dress growing tight around her waist." She pulled the front of her blouse out of her skirt, and then the back. Maybe he'd forget the story. She shrugged the blouse off and swept her arms back to let it fall behind her.

Eddie swept the sheets aside and sprang out of bed. His penis was curving upward and he was unconscious of it. It just felt so free to be naked and he wanted to help his mom enjoy it too.

He sat on the edge of the bed. His scrotum was a streamlined bulge and his foreskin was back enough that she could see the tip of his shiny glans. "Can I help with your bra, Mom?" He reached around her and she moved nearer until she stood between his knees. She was seducing a ten year old and it had to stop.

"Why did the wife feel the dress growing tight around her waist?" He asked.

"What?" She was losing track of reality. His face was against her belly.

"In the story, why didn't the wife notice it when she was naked? Why did she wait 'til her dress was on?"

"Well in those days they didn't go around naked much." He had finally unhooked her bra and the straps came loose. He moved his hands to her hips and held back to watch her bra tumble off.

Her nipples were standing. He contemplated them at eye level and she gave two gasps when he rubbed his nose on first one and then the other. Her cherub contemplated one breast. His tongue explored the bumps on the aureole and ran around the nipple. His hands were on her waist as he held back to compare his mom's breasts. The nipple had been in his lips looked harder.

The boy looked up and met his mom's eyes. He laughed. He was rubbing his penis on her leg. He hooked his leg around hers and rubbed harder.

He was fumbling with the buttons on her skirt. "I like getting naked, don't you, Mom?"

"Look, if you want to hear the story, you've got to get in bed."

He complied and propped himself on the pillows so he could watch. He pulled the covers up to his chin and kept his hands on them.

He had twisted one of the buttons and she had to step into the light to see it. He watched and she didn't want to appear angry. She couldn't remember where she had heard the words but they came out:

"Joyfully she said to her husband, 'We are going to have a child at last.'" She released her skirt and let it drop. She decided she would keep her panties on, sleep in the other bed and dream about Gloria.

She stepped out of her skirt and Eddie smiled when he saw his mom's lace panties. She always nice ones when she went to work.

"Did they have the child? In the story." His hands were under the covers and moving. She moved closer and his eyes were riveted on her crotch.

This was wrong, wrong, wrong, but she put one foot on the bed. She forced herself to speak. "They had a beautiful daughter, whom they named Rapunzel."

Eddie objected. "That's a funny name."

"This was in Germany, they have names like that."

She was flustered. She needed time. One of her son's hands was on her ankle. "I have to brush my hair." She hoped he was watching when she walked to the dressing table.

Eddie saw the sheer satin on the back part of Jo's panties. It made her bum look so cuddly. She was looking in the mirror when he fired his next prompt. "What happened to the daughter, Rapunzel?"

"Rapunzel grew to be a beautiful young woman."

"I can't hear, Mom."

Jo walked back to the bed with a soft hairbrush in hand and repeated the line. She watched her cherub's face and the ten year old was taking in the sway of her breasts and hips. "Didn't she get any fun when she was growing up?"

"Fun?" Jo was dizzy and started brushing. Her hair was short but she had decided to set an example and always let him see her brush it, might encourage him to brush his teeth.

"Like fishing and stuff?" He watched her breast flatten as her arm went behind her. He looked at her other breast then at her face. He caught her eye and laughed and looked at her breasts again. She knew he was watching when she threw back her head and raised her other arm to help the brushing. Her breasts were nearly flat now.

"Yes, but that's not in the story."


She stood on one foot with her knee on the bed and felt the bed move when he sat up. She stood in front of him and he sat on the side of the bed and put his hands on the back of her thighs. His hands moved up to her buttocks. He decided the story needed help and fired another question at her panties. "Was there a witch?"

"There was a witch who imprisoned Rapunzel in a tower."

"Why?" His hands were inside her panties on her bum, his face on the scooped lace in front. She looked at him and he laughed.

"She wanted to protect Rapunzel."

"Was she nice?"


"Did they get naked?" He was rubbing his mouth in her crotch and inhaling.

Jo thought of Gloria. "Yes, they did sometimes."

"Was there a prince?"


"What did they do?"

"They made love."

"Did they get naked?"

"Well they had to, didn't they?"

"Didn't they want to?" He interrupted her answer. "Can I pull them down?"

"You really want to?" Jo didn't object when the boy pulled her panties down as far as he could. He cuddled her bum and his mouth was in her crotch. This would have to be the last time. Her legs were together and the crotch of the panties didn't slide down. He pulled the waistband down as far as it would go.

He inhaled the panties and admired Mom's dark muff. The only other hair on her body was on her head. She brushed and thought she might have to talk to somebody about this. Maybe Gloria.

She wished the boy would sleep. "It's all flattened down." He laughed. He pulled her panties inside out to see the part that had flattened the hair. A couple of broken hairs were caught in the cotton part.

"Are you going to pull them down?" Her face burned. Her cherub was inspecting the inside of her panties!

He watched her pull her panties to her feet and went back to her crotch. "Can I brush it?"

She passed him the brush and parted her legs. He held one hand on her bum and brushed in front. The hair ended where it was trimmed as far as her cleft, but he brushed all the way back to her buttocks. He handed her back the brush and pressed his lips to her cleft.

"Get to sleep, naughty boy," she commanded. "Back in bed!" He lay back, penis erect and she covered him.

Flustered, she brushed her hair some more and then sat on the bed. She pulled back the covers and his hands were on his erect penis. He put his hands at his sides. "That's all right, you can touch it" she reassured him.

"So can you." The reply was quick, she looked at him. "Please, Mom."

He arched his back. Ten years ago she had minutely examined her young neighbor, George. They played around a lot and she finally got pregnant. She wanted to keep the baby. Her father sent her to secretarial school and found her a good job with his firm. She had girlfriends but she lost interest in men. Women were softer.

Now she wanted to kiss the boy the way she kissed Gloria. The way she had never kissed George. The boy arched his back some more. His hands were flat on the bed.

Jo sat on the bed. The telephone rang. Eddie scrambled over and picked it up. He handed it to her and she answered. It was Gloria. The Gloria she had to talk to.

Gloria was saying "And why don't I bring a bottle of wine over tomorrow? We could sit in the Jacuzzi for a while."

Jo couldn't concentrate. She looked down. She was sitting cross-legged. A cherubs face was on the inside of her thigh. "That would be wonderful. I'd love to have a talk."

Gloria wondered what her friend was doing. She didn't want to hang up abruptly. She asked "How's Eddie?"

"Eddie's fine." The boy was running his finger down the fold that ran from her hip to the place where her legs joined. He laughed delightedly when he heard his name and fluffed her pubic hair.

"What're you doing?"

"Uh, watching TV."

"What's on?"

"The good bit. See you tomorrow Gloria. Kisses!"

"I'll come early and bring a pizza. Kisses!"

And Jo would make some canapes. Since Eddie was sexually precocious anyway, maybe she could help him take an interest in other girls. Gloria would know what to do.

They said goodbye and Jo reached past her son to put down the phone. He lay back with his bum on her crossed feet. One foot was behind each of her hips. He pulled himself closer with his heels. His hairless little pink cock was so hard it was curving, it pointed straight up with the tip touching his belly.

She felt guilt because she wanted to admire him, and even more guilt because the boy wanted her to admire him. Did he really want her to want to admire him? In her mind Jo willed herself to reaffirm her decision that: This must end. Her body added a subclause: But not this minute.

This is the 2500 word first installment of Jo and Eddie, based on a true story.
Write me at: ablaydon@telus.net if you would like to read more. Anne