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Amsterdam's Best

A'dam the town of no rules. In A'dam they have a saying it's not just a plant but a way of life. So when you're there lay back and enjoy the city. It really is a beautiful city, and of course I recommend u go site seeing but no one should leave A'dam without at least smokin one joint or trying one shroom. The weed is the easiest thing to find there is a coffeeshop on almost every street so you won't have to go far to get it, however you might want to try these coffeeshops cuz the have been rated the best for their prices and weeed/hash. From what I have heard the best smoke is sold at De rokerij located at Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41, The grey area located at Oude Leliestraat 2, Dutch flowers located at Singel 387, De dampkring located at Handboogstraat 29, Coffeeshop central located at Prins Hendrikade 89, and The Barraka located at Gravenstraat 9(my cuz worked there so i noe the owner). The Barraka is popular but not a lot of tourist know about it but from what I have seen and heard it has good smoke. Shrooms are not hard to find, but there isn't a shop for them on every street. The best shrooms you can get would be from The magic mushroom gallery located at Spuistraat 249, and Conscious Dreams 'Kokopelli' located at Warmoesstraat 12. They are pretty good quality, however some of them can pretty expensive but they are well worth the money you will pay for them.

The Best Smoke

Coffeeshop directories

coffeeshop directory to ever shop in amsterdam including a map to the exact location
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