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For The Girls

my gallery

Sophmore Year
A random night at the Bowling Alley
Brucey's 16th Birthday Party, we were TRYING to sing.
Best Halloween Costumes! We worked hard on them.
We could never forget him. miss ya

Junior Year
Back-to-school dance "WOW u were fat" thanks allie, hey remember gina?
Um this was Gina's Birthday Party, we had ALOT of fun that night...
Remember what that cake looked like when we got done with it? oh and what it looked like the next morning, still on the floor?
"And we're dancing and it feels alright" Race car bed girl and Mrs. Swan

The last day of our junior year AND THE FIRST GIRLS NIGHT EVER!
Senior Year
Senior Homecoming. Remember after that when mike was drunk at slaughter's house?
TAH Mrs. Tindall's class in the library. i miss that class
We all know where this started ;) And dont forget "Hi my name is Chubby, my mom is ch...."
Kat and I hung this flag...but before that kat put a HUGE HOLE in the library ceiling tring to hang it. BAHAHAha
We'll never forget the 4 years of Frua and all the Deutsch Klasse Fun. BFF Kat
I'll be putting more pictures in as I get'em. Email me if you have any good ones and I'll put them in.I'm gonna try and get some CANADA pictures in here. The 3rd Girls Night will be in soon too. Allie, I know you have some pics from a LONG time ago...freshman year science class? Emry do you have any from classnight? What about you Kat? Email: