Q. Can I be your neofriend?
A. Sure. As long as I know you well enough, I'll accept your request when you do so.

Q. Hey! I am a newbie who just started out on Neopets, pleease give me items, I feel so left out with nothing. :(
A. *giggle* You make me laugh. You want neopoints? Well, if you maybe go to the game's room, and you'll be able to make neopoints instead of beg for them. :)

Q. I absolutely *LOVE* your graphics from what I have seen from you. If you have the time, can you make me a graphic?
A. Absolutely not. If I know you well enough, I'll have to think about it. :)

Q. How did you get (avatar here)?
A. I am sure if you go to Soup-Faerie.Com's Avatar Guide, that you will find out how to get many avatars.

Q. How did you get your items?
A. I worked hard for them. No, I am not rich. Just because my shop is a bigger size does not mean I am rich or anything. *grin*

Q. Do you have any other accounts?
A. Sure. My other account name is 'haleylovestigger', it's considered my gallery account, and will be one in the near future.

Q. What is your AIM/MSN/Yahoo!?
A. I only give that out to the people that to me are considered 'well known' You can neomail for my AIM/MSN though, I do not use Yahoo!.

Q. What's your real name?
A. Heh, Haley is my real name. Unless you don't believe me, or think that it's some made up name, then think that. :D

Q. Can I join your guild?
A. Sure! There's a link to it on my lookup. I'm sure you'll love it there, just joined not too long ago and it's awesome. *grin*

Q. How old are you?
A. I am currently 16 years old. Yes, at times I do not act of it, but yes I do think it's very disgusting to fake your age on the internet.

Q. How can I keep my account safe? Due to that hacking some time ago I'm really scared what might happen to me account!
A. Change your secret word regularly, and make sure to make it a hard one that no one will guess. Also don't EVER give out your secret word! It someone is claiming to be the Neopets Staff over neomail/e-mail, then do not give them your secret word! They will NEVER ask for your secret word. Only for changing your preferences or logging into your account. Otherwise it is a SCAM.

Q. Can you make me a lookup?
A. Certainly not. And anyways, my lookup is very plain looking, get a premade one maybe? ;)

Q. You're mean!
A. Why thank you. Even though this is not a question, I consider it as an insult so i chose to list it here. Just because I am trying to simply explain something to you, does not mean you can go and start being rude to me. I guess when I try to be pratical, you want everything *YOUR* way.


Yes, they are allowed. But the following is what I HATE to see when you send me one:

Chain Letters
Asking for items/neopoints
Annoying me with the same questions above
Anything that I think is annoying, and that you know is annoying.

I will not block neomails, but if you're annoying enough I'll block you. :D

More is to be added. Bye!
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