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Pretty Princess Newbie Guild web page


Welcome to the dollmaker! - Please be patient while it loads! Thank you.

There are a few basic rules to go by:
1: Do not redistribute any props of this dollmaker or the complete dollmaker on your site.
2: If you made a doll with this dollmaker and you place it on your site, please link to here so others can find this dollmaker too.
3: Have fun!! :)

To save your doll:
1: Press PrintScrn to make a screenshot
2: Open your paint/graphic program (if it isn't already open)
3:Open a new file by clicking File --> New OR press Ctrl-N
4: Paste the screenshot by clicking Edit --> Paste OR press Ctrl-V
5: Now you can select the doll out of the screenshot and clean her up. :)




shoes & boots

trousers & jeans

mini skirts & shorts

make your doll here...
or make it here...
(recommended for Paint users)
long & kneelength skirts

basic tees


tops & blouses