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Date Interview Source
NEW - March 2003 Staff Sunday Mail
NEW - February 2003 Lizo Mzimba Newsround
NEW - February 2003 Brian Furgeson
NEW - February 2003 Staff Newround
NEW - December 2002 Paul Grondahl Albany Times Union
December 2002 Rebecca Mcquillian Bookshelf
November 2002 Lynn Mcpherson Sunday Mail
November 2002 Lindsey Fraser The Scotsman
October 2002 LizoMzimba BBC Newsround
October 2002 Staff BBC Newsround
September 2002 Staff BBC Newround
June 2002 Sarah Brown Glasgow Sunday Herald, reported by Sheila Lennon
June 2002 Lynn Mcpherson Sunday Mail
June 2002 Neil Mackay Sunday Herald
June 2002 Clare Goldwin Mirror
May 2002 Staff  Evening News
May 2002 Daily Mirror staff Daily Mirror (report Ananova)
May 2002 Staff Scotsman
April 2002 Sarah Womack Telegraph
March 2002 BBC staff BBC
December 2001 Morgoth Mugglenet/ BBC (transcript)
December 2001 Emma Yates Guardian / BBC
December 2001 staff Ananova / BBC
December 2001 BBC staff BBC News / BBC TV
November 2001 staff Newsround
October 2001 Auslan Cramb Scotland Correspondent
October 2001 JK Rowling Scotsman (press release)
September 2001 Rebecca Allison The Guardian
August 2001 Frank Kurtz Associated Press
July 2001 BBC News  BBC News
April 2001 Tara Womersley The Daily Telegraph
April 2001 Matt Seaton The Guardian
April 2001 (ca.) Sue Gaisford BBC World Wide
March 2001 Guardian staff Guardian
March 2001 unknown Raincoast
March 2001 Caroline Davies

The Daily Telegraph

March 2001 Live Chat Comic Relief
March 2001 Sherry Thomas Houston Chronicle
March 2001 US kids (Kaitlin Bolger, J.T. Sprague) Houston Chronicle
March 2001 Audrey Woods Houston Chronicle
December 2000 Tim Boquet Reader's Digest
December 2000 Philip Aldrick The Daily Telegraph
November 2000 Frank Garcia Dateline
November 2000 Frank Garcia Dateline
October 2000 Dene Moore Canadian Press
October 2000 Jeff Baker The Oregonian
October 2000 Yahooligans Yahooligans Chat
October 2000 Andrew Osmond Dateline
October 2000 Time Time Magazine
October 2000 Larry King CNN
October 2000 Live Chat America Online
October 2000 Katie Couric NBC's Today Show
October 2000 JKR Rowling One Parent Families
October 2000 David Charter

The Times

October 2000 Live Chat Barnes & Noble
October 2000 US school chicldren Online chat at Scholastic
October 2000 Shelagh Rogers Canadian Broadcasting Co., This Morning
Fall 2000 (ca.) Scholastic  Interview with Scholastic
Fall 2000 BBC BBC Newsround
Fall 2000 Scholastic eToys
Fall 2000 Jesse Kornbluth

AOL Chat

September 2000 BBC News BBC News
September 2000 Jeff Jensen Entertainment Weekly
August 2000 Hugh Davies The Daily Telegraph
July 2000 Sally Pook The Daily Telegraph
July 2000 Alan Cowell New York Times
July 2000 Richard Savill The Daily Telegraph
July 2000 Elizabeth Grice The Daily Telegraph
July 2000 Malcolm Jones Newsweek
July 2000 SWNS webmaster & child South West News Service
July 2000 Evan Solomon Canadian Broadcasting Co., Newsworld
July 2000 Simon Hattenstone The Guardian
June 2000 Ann Treneman The Times
February 2000 Charlotte Edwardes The Daily Telegraph
February 2000 Brad Crawford Writer's Digest
February 2000 US school children Online chat at
September 1999 Rozanne Feldman School Library Journal
August 1999 James Naughtie BBC
October 1999 Linton Weeks

Washington Post

Summer 1999 Jennie Renton

Sydney Morning Herald

September 1999 Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble
July 1999 Judy O'Malley Book Links
Summer 1999? (pre-GoF) Kathy Abel Family Education
March 1999 Margaret Weir Salon
March 1999 US School Children Barnes & Noble
February 1999 Joanna Carey The Guardian
January 1999 Staphanie Loer Boston Globe
ca. 1999  Amazon UK Amazon UK
July 1998 Helena de Bertodano The Daily Telegraph
August 1997 Elisabeth Dunn The Daily Telegraph
Spring 1997 Nigel Reynolds

The Daily Telegraph

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