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This site was never intended to be a crash course in machine maintenance or repair, but if you need Domestic appliance fault finding information and tips, then we can help. We are not the worlds biggest or best site, but we do try to be honest and straight forward, rather than being sent all around the houses only to get redirected to another web site, we do give the assistance advertised wherever possible.

 However this site is information based (most of which has been donated by other Engineers) and how this information is perceived or used is up to the individual.) So please read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

To advertise your Services (if you are a white goods engineer) or if you run a shop that sells parts for domestic appliances, we will gladly put your details in the relevant section on this site for

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Unfortunately a lot of the newer appliances now have modular fault diagnostic equipment fitted, and this requires a special component to access the relevant information, some of these machines also require a back to base link via a PC or Laptop, to format new control modules. It is recommended that these types of repair are left to the professional or it could end up costing more than you would save. However if you do think you are competent enough to affect a repair that requires one of these type of modules you can purchase them already programmed, but be sure they are pre-programmed before buying.


We take no responsibility for any Damage or loss however caused due to information obtained from this web site; neither do we endorse any of the services or suppliers advertised on these pages. It is the responsibility of the individual to obtain sufficient proof regarding the capabilities and /or qualifications of any Engineer prior to commencement of any work they may be asked to undertake. The information placed on this site has been accepted in good faith, and as we are unable to check each and every fix, we cannot therefore vouch that they work nor give any kind of guarantee as to the outcome of a DIY repair.
No Appliance should ever be worked on whilst it is connected to the mains supply and any testing of the electrical circuits should be done with the aid of a Metrhom or similar electrical test equipment.
We do not accept responsibility for any health and safety issues that may arise due to information given on this site, and it is up to the individual to work within the bounds of safety to themselves and others whilst carrying out any operation obtained from these pages. ...or in other words...

"If it all goes wrong don't blame us".