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T-Mac Goes to Houston

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the four month adventure tour of T-Mac in Houston. I will be your host whom shall guide you through the wild and crazy times of four young men.

Some of the stuff we've done since we arrived
  • Beer and selected liquors have been real cheep... so we've done our share of drinking
  • Ate cajun style crawfish. Really hot shit. my lips became rather large and we all sweated like pigs.
  • Went to jimmy's boat shack (or something) got called CT by some chick (i don't know either)
  • Joined ABS Softball team! Won the season 2 championship. Jimbo hit a homer!!!
  • Cowboy hat : Check
  • Six Flags Astro! Crazy rides check out the pics

  • That which is still to come
  • The San Antonio River Run (I'll explain more on the San An page
  • Lets Ride the Waves Boys!!!
  • Check out the downtown clubbin action
  • Did I hear someone say Mexico???
  • leather belt with big dirty belt buckle
  • Houston sites including
  • Aquarium
    See the Astro's play at minutemaid park
    The Kennedy Space Center; Houston we have a problem
    Get a mad game of bball on the go; man courts are few and far between

    Well Guess you wanna see some Pictures and info about of our Adventures... Click the pulldown and enjoy the ride...