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Ladies and Gentlemen... Welcome to Guadeloupe

Well here's what when down today...
chris's car included: chris,bhasker, and jim. Kev and I took Kev's mean machine.

Chris's car arrived in about 2.5 hrs... Kev and I stretched out our little journey to ahhh lets say 4 hrs...

Arrive campsite get setup get some grub a cookin... Up comes about 5 fellas (one being a camp co-ordinator) long story short.. Met some danish fellas cause the park screwed up and the boys had nowhere's to go. so we gave em our 3 extra bunks and one slept in the car. Got on a rip, went for a walk... ran into some texans! Chatted with the Texans and Dains for the remainder of the night...

Morning! Its time to head on down the river. Got our innertubes, (one tube for the cooler stacked with "beverages") and proceeded to freeze our asses off in the river, not much sun on saturday.. Went over some cool waterfalls (1 and 2 foot) but waterfalls none the less. Chatted with some interesting characters on the way down the river... One red-neck told us that the river is colder than gay's dick in a snowman... like i said... interesting characters.. Saturday afternoon and night... back on the sauce... Hung with the texans and Dains again... All really cool peeps. Check out the pics.. we bought a disposable camera for the river run, so there's no innertube pics yet... but hold yer horses they's a comin


 This is the River yo!

 Man... Look at all

  These are the Dainish Fellas we met 

 Well yeehaw we met some texans!

Bhasker and Jim have gone to the edge and back!

I'm confused, steph is pondering, Jaci's all messed up, but i think HorHay figured it out!

You think you can handle these tough guys? i don't think so

Cursed the blue jesus Josh!

Kevin like to lick random chicks? whatever you're into man

Y'all come back now ya hear!

Pose out!

Cause its a hard knock life!!


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