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The New Millennium


For the past few years, the mention of the new millennium had instilled thoughts about our future, feelings about time that has passed, and worry about things yet to come. For some, the coming of the new millennium had great spiritual significance; to others, it wwas an event of community and celebration.

Many believed that our third millennium began just after the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999. Others believed that the third millennium didn't really begin until exactly one year after that. And then there are many people for whom it is neither the third millennium, nor the much-talked-about Year 2000.

Differences in individual beliefs of tradition and time did not deter the vast majority of people all over the world from commencing once-in-a-lifetime celebrations when the Year 2000 rang in.

For people of many cultures, the Year 2000 had been a beacon signaling the turn of our history. Now that it has finally arrived, we will need a new signpost to signal to us the coming of the future.

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