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MNLAN-VI - Details for S@MTRON “clan”

E-mail me with questions!
AIM me @ antireburto since Samtron1843 is being attacked.
What is the S@MTRON clan?
Its just a temporary clan I created for MNLAN events. It’s purpose is to be able to play in torments with people we all know and to be able to sit together.

NEWS FLASH! MNLAN IS FREE! is going to pay for all costs! You still have to pay $10.00 to save your seat and it will be held until 10 AM. You will get the $10.00 back when you come to MNLAN! This LAN will fill up fast so register ASAP!

How do I register with the S@MTRON clan?
1. go to this link or go to and click on “event registration”
2. Fill out the form with the clan name as “S@MTRON” and provide a REAL e-mail address (you will not get SPAM)
3. Pick your payment option, PayPal or check. Since the seating is first come first serve I would say PayPal is your best bet. If you don’t want to use PayPal you can give me your check or cash along with your confirmation e-mail and I will be happy to pay for you since I can pay for multiple people at once. (if I am paying for you choose PayPal)
3. Pay online with the link on the site or your e-mail via PayPal (you can use a check card, credit card, savings account and checking account. When you register don’t jump though all the hoops to become verified since its a hassle. Only provide required information.)
4. Once you paid you will be able to pick your seat. If I paid for you I will reserve one for you to save time.
Seating Chart :

Blue: Reserved for other MNLAN attendie
Purple: Reserved for S@MTRON Clan member
Orange: Open S@MTRON Clan choice seats
Red: Open S@MTRON Clan overflow seats
Gray: Open

The S@MTRON Clan: (as of 01/06/04)
Crimzin Guard PAID seat 252
floogy PAID seat 253
Samtron PAID seat 254
DragonSeeker DID NOT PAY

General Information
$10.00 Pre-pay deposit or FREE at the door.
There are 187 spots left for MNLAN-VI
So, please pre-register.

01-31-2004 from 8:00am-Midnight
Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 335-6000
Driving Directions*
Parking Information*
Visitor Information - Main Page*
LIVE Seating Chart @*

All Attendees of MNLAN events must read and sign the MNLAN Release Form to attend.
Click this link to get it via local server.
If you are under the age of 18 your parent or legal guardian needs to sign it.
This form is a basic release form modified to accomadate the legal issues that could arise at a LAN Party. This form was created by for LAN parties in general, and was not created specifically for MNLAN. Please bring photo ID to the event for age verification. Any questions regarding the release form can be sent to me at:
If you do not have Acrobat Reader get it
All registrants will receive this in a email as well.
Your Computer System: Computer, Monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc. We will not be providing any hardware.
2. Power Strip/surge protector. Please NO UPS devices.
3. (optional) Snacks and beverages for yourself. The convention center policies prohibit any coolers or groups of people bringing in food/beverage. They did say it would be fine for a individual to bring in a small individual size lunchbox cooler.

Do NOT Bring:
Speakers! Headphones only, speakers will only be allowed if they are being used as a headphone outlet.
2. Alcohol: There is NO alcohol allowed on MNLAN Event premises! You are allowed to leave and re-enter if you feel the need to drink. No Exceptions will be made. If you have it in the room you will be promptly asked to leave and any prizes/winnings will be forfeited.
3. Smoking: There is a no smoking policy at all of our Events. If you need to smoke, you can go outside.

The following games will have preconfigured servers running.
1. Quake3 Arena/Team Arena: Patch ver.1.32
2. Unreal Tournament 2003
3. Battlefield 1942
4. Counterstrike
5. HALO (on the S@MTRON clan server)
TBA But they are sweet!

Counterstrike 5v5 ($5/per team member entry fee.)
2. HALO (not official MNLAN tourney but still fun, you only need the multiplayer demo to play in the tourney.)
More Tournaments - TBA
Cheating will not be tolerated in any of our tournaments
. If you are accused of cheating, our resident cheating specialist(s) will search your machine for cheats. If they find ANY trace of cheats, you will be escorted from the premises, all winnings will be forfeited, and you may be banned from coming back to future MNLAN events depending on the seriousness of the infraction.