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  Travel Experience In Pulau Pangkor
Plus Highway

Bypass town to Lumut

Jetty at Lumut
Jetty at Pangkor
Hornbill Resort
Teluk Nipah
Pantai Pasir Bogak

Lumut at noon: lunch
@dganum took a nap
Duration: 2 hours

Bidor: Mami drove
Seremban: Abah drove
Duration: 6 hours

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Pulau Pangkor

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Lumut, Perak. Visited on 22nd August 2004.



The road north from Kuala Lumpur (KL) crosses the state border from Selangor into Perak at Tanjung Malim. If you have your own transport, you can get off the Lebuhraya (East-West Highway) tollway and take the old Hwy 1 through a number of diverting towns. The first of these is Slim River, where British forces made an unsuccessful last-ditch attempt to halt the Japanese advance through the peninsula during WWII.

The first main town is Bidor, famous for its guava and smelly petai beans, where you can turn off for Teluk Intan, 42km to the west. Kampung Pasir Salak, 25km north of Teluk Intan, is a small village of some historical interest. From this village you can follow the valley of the Sungai Perak to Kampung Bota Kiri. This river valley was the original home of the Perak sultanate and is dotted with royal graves. From Kampung Bota Kiri you can take the road to Lumut on the coast or travel north-east through the kampung (villages) to Ipoh.

  Di Bidor, kami diberitahu mengikut papantanda 'Lumut' sahaja dan tiada siapa yang memberitahu kami harus melalui bandar Teluk Intan. Tetapi, kami hanya menjumpai satu papantanda 'Lumut' saje, dan kami terpaksa menggunakan papantanda 'Teluk Intan' untuk ke destinasi kami. Bila tiba di Teluk Intan, barulah kami mengikut papantanda 'P. Pangkor'.



Once known as Teluk Anson, after the early colonial planner who developed the town, the name Teluk Intan was reinstated after Malaysia's independence. There is no pressing reason to visit Teluk Intan, its only gazetted tourist attraction being a leaning clock tower, but it's a pleasant, lazy town at the junction of the Sungai Perak and Sungai Bidor.

The town's striking pagoda-style jam besar (clock tower) appears to have eight storeys (though there are only three levels inside) and is the town's answer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Local lore has it that it was built, in the manner of the Taj Mahal, by a mourning Chinese merchant in 1885 as a memorial to his wife; cynics say that it was only designed as a potable-water storage tank. The clock tower is officially closed, though its image was featured everywhere as a symbol of the Visit Perak 2000 state tourist campaign.

Teluk Intan also has a few fine colonial buildings and old Chinese shophouses standing around, most looking as ready to topple over as the tower. The Istana Raja Muda Perak is the crumbling palace of the next in line to the sultanate of Perak.



  Lumut is the departure point for Pulau Pangkor and - despite attempts to promote the town as a tourist destination in its own right - has little to offer apart from souvenir shops selling shells, and some reasonable beaches outside town.

  The Malaysian Navy has its principal base just outside town, and some 25,000 sailors make up the overwhelming majority of the town's inhabitants. You'll see the huge, Singapore-like apartment complexes of the naval quarters as you take the boat out to Pulau Pangkor.

  The sailors frequent Teluk Batik, a good beach 7km from town. There's no bus ser­vice here, but a one-way taxi costs RM10.

  Motorists on their way to Pangkor can use the 24-hour, long-term car park behind the Shell petrol station, next to the bus station (RM6 per day). @dganum tak jumpa Shell, tapi telah meletakkan Toyota Unser kami di tokong cina yg berdekatan (RM8 satu malam).


Aqi at the Lumut's Jetty. Bo inside the Duta Pangkor's Ferry.
One of the Teluk Nipah shops. Where we were staying - Hornbill Resort.
Sarapan roti canai dan nasi lemak kat Teluk Nipah. Keluarkan duit dari ATM Maybank, bandar Pangkor.
Mami beli ikan bilis, bandar Pangkor. Pantai Pasir Bogak.
Pantai Pasir Bogak, on the way to Teluk Nipah. Pantai Pasir Bogak.
Pangkor jetty, on the way home to Lumut. Anaqi inside the Pan Silver Ferry.


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