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Welcome To My Website Version: Lemon Lime

Welcome to my home on the web Feel free....blah blah blah your welcome message goes here.

About This Layout


- You must know how to use html in order to use this layout.
- 800x600 Screen resolution
- Css [Cascading style Sheet] you must know how to use this file.

If you would like to make more pages open main.html using notepad, copy and paste the codes and create a new page. Remember to name it, whatevername.html.

-The hex code for the background of your top banner should be : #F8FFCB
-The Size of the banner is: 796x76
I have added a blank top banner for you to edit yourself.

What it uses:

- 5 html Pages [index.html, main.html, left.html, right.html and top.html]
- style.css [cascading style sheet]
- Tahoma font
- readme.txt


- Do not remove the links back to my website in the menu or on this page, they are there to show credit back to the original layout designer, me.
- Do not claim the layout as your own work or redistribute.
- Do not adjust the codes in the css file if you do not know how to.
- If you are having trouble with the layout you can email me at : make sure you put "layout question" in the subject line.

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Layout Design Provided by,
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