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1980's Major Events

Challenger Explosion

The Challenger Crew

On January 28, 1986 after over a minute into the Challengers 9th launch it unexpectedly explode, to the dismay of onlooker and those watching on TV. Many people watched in horror as the shuttle plunged 10 miles into the ocean. At the time of the explosion nobody knew why the shuttle did what it did. The ChallengerIt was later found out that the O-rings and gaskets that were used to seal the joints between the rocket booster failed due to being exposed to cold weather. When this happened it cause the twin booster rockets to separate and fly off. The shuttle cabin also separated from the shuttle. All seven of the crew members on the shuttle ended up dying in the explosion. The explosionThe explosion caused all the shuttle flights to be delayed for about three years. NASA then announce that civilians would no longer be allowed on shuttle flights to prevent civilians from facing the same fate that the challenger crew faced.

The Challenger Memorial


Cocaine  The 1980’s was a time when drugs were available to just about anybody. With the amount of partying that people were doing in the decade it’s not a surprise that people were getting high as kites and not remembering what they had done the night before. During the 80’s a lot of the popular bands were known to be heavily involved in drugs. It was very big with the hair metal bands to do a small show then invite everybody back to their place to have a party where drugs would be in abundance. Many people saw friends or loved ones face an unfortunate fate do to drugs. One of the more popular drugs of the time was cocaine. It was deemed as the champagne of drugs by most people. This drug was so popular that in 1985 about 12 million people in the U.S were frequent users of it. Another drug that was popular during this time was crack. This drug had more of an affect on people’s personal life than cocaine had. This was the case because crack was seen to have caused people to commit domestic violence and child abuse on others. This drug also cause many people to become homeless. Crack also had an effect on kids that were going to school. It effected the students by increasing school violence in schools and a higher dropout rate of students.



Important People