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Important People in the 80's

Ronald Reagan

The man of the 'Me' Decade just happens to be our president that led us through eight years of the 80s. Before making it to the White House, Reagan was in Hollywood, working as a nactor and making movies. In 1947, he became part of an actors' union known as the Screen Actors Guild. He became very popular as a national speaker and was elected as Governor for California. Later on, he won the republican nominatoin for President. He easily defeated Carter.

Reagan believed that to restore economy and overcome problems in society, he needed to bring confidence to Americans. He began by fixing the economy and its current stagflation. Using his "Trickle-Down economics," now knowsn as Reaganomics, he made congress pass a 25% percent tax rate cut. His entire first term was spent fixing the economy. Because of this, he became very popular and won the 1984 election and began his 2nd term.

Reagan was against the Soviet Union and believed the US should try to defeat it He dealt with them using "Peace through strength," and began building a military. He increased defense spending by 35 percent, all the while seeking to improve relations with the Soviet Union. He declared war with international terrorism and even sent American bombers to Libya after finding evidence that they were involved in an attack on American soldiers in a night club.

By keeping with his Reagan Doctrine, he gave support to anti-communism in other countries. In the end, the Reagan years were all about restoring economy and prosperity.


Major Events