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Lady Macbeth


King Duncan



Three witches

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Character Sketch:

Malcolm Malcolm

Malcolm is one of two sons that Duncan calls his own, the other being Donalbain. The role of Malcolm, in terms of appearances and lines is quite insignificant, however, his influence in the play, especially towards the ending is remarkable. In the beginning of the play, Malcolm is a quiet character that is in the shadow of his father, a position of importance, rather than a place of envy. Malcolm did not mind being the heir to the throne, for it carried a commitment to responsibility while being exempted from the constant attention of the king. Soon after his fatherís death, Duncan decided to flee Scotland and seek refuge in England in hopes of escaping possible death. Since he did not have any resource or wisdom on the situation, the only way to elude inevitable death is to disappear. For a long while, nothing is heard about Malcolm until Macduff goes to him and warns him of Macbethís threat to all links of the throne. Once Malcolm had the adequate information and an army to lead a revolution, he headed back to Scotland to fight for what was rightfully his. Again, this is because of his common sense, a trait which faintly helped him regain the throne.