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Lady Macbeth


King Duncan



Three witches

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Character Sketch:

Macduff Macduff

Much like Malcolm, Macduff’s role in the play is significantly short in terms of lines, but he is key to the downfall of Macbeth’s evil rule. Macduff was a loyal thane under King Duncan that saw the king as a person with an outstanding personality. It is this uncontested respect for Duncan that makes Macduff miss Macbeth’s coronation. Macduff cannot bear to see another king in power, especially one that he has suspicions for about Duncan’s death. When the state of Scotland becomes difficult to tolerate, Macduff leaves the homeland to find Malcolm and begin an endeavour to fix the evident problems, one being Macbeth. While Macduff was searching for Malcolm, Macbeth orders the murder of Lady Macbeth and the children, in an attempt to weaken, emotionally and mentally, the brave Macduff. Although sorrow is felt, Macduff uses the deaths of his family members to fuel the rage within. Just like Malcolm, Macduff has lost loved ones at the hands of Macbeth, giving him a sufficient motive to kill. To take down Macbeth, Macduff alongside Malcolm, gather and lead an army back to Scotland. In the midst of battle, Macduff has the presence to be modest and advises Malcolm to be cautious and not over-confident. During his final meeting with Macbeth, Macduff gets his revenge by slaying the evil king and bestowing the crow to the rightful owner, Malcolm.