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Lady Macbeth


King Duncan



Three witches

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Character Sketch:

Macbeth Macbeth

Shakespeare’s character Macbeth goes through a dramatic change caused by many events that occur throughout the play. When we are first introduced to his character he is seen as a brave commander of the Scottish army who had just defeated the enemies of Scotland along with fellow commander and friend, Banquo. Soon after, Macbeth has a confrontation with the three witches who predict great things for him. At first he does not accept the predictions, but after some come true he becomes corrupted by the power he was told he would gain. His first downfall in the play was when he murdered King Duncan. Before even committing the crime he begins to hallucinate, a sign that he is becoming insane. He then conspires to have Banquo killed because of his threat to the throne. After this, Macbeth’s mind becomes uncontrollable as he begins hallucinating once more, seeing Banquo’s ghost. Nearing the end of the play Macbeth’s insanity is noticeable and we are able to see that Macbeth’s actions and attitude has changed since we first were introduced to his character. In the final battle he commits many mistakes a general would never make, and it are these costly mistakes that lead to his ultimate demise.