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Lady Macbeth


King Duncan



Three witches

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Character Sketch:

Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbethís character is different from typical women during this time period. We see her as a confident, demanding, and manipulative woman in the play. She appears to have a more dominant role in her relationship with Macbeth. This is evident when we see that she has managed to get Macbeth to carry out the murder of King Duncan. She uses many insults and threats to manipulate Macbeth to believing that he would not be a man if he were to let King Duncan live. After the murder, we see that Lady Macbeth begins to lose her sanity. She begins to become unstable and sleepwalks through the nights. She is then driven mad by an invisible bloodstain (symbolizes King Duncanís blood). Lady Macbeth is unable to cope with what was happening inside her head so she committed suicide.