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Lady Macbeth


King Duncan



Three witches

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Character Sketch:

King Duncan King Duncan

Usually in the midst of turmoil, there is one character in the play that is truly good and genuine. In the play Macbeth, Duncan is the noble king that is kind and humble despite his great title. These good attributes along with his fatal flaw of obliviousness were the cause of his downfall and untimely death. Dramatic irony exposes the reader to certain things that Duncan always seems to miss. For example, when Lady Macbeth plans his death, Duncan suspects nothing and continues his proper etiquette towards the mistress. As seen in the scene of victorious battle, Duncan shows humility as he showers Macbeth with praise and awe, a gesture not usually ventured by figures of high stature. The extent of Duncanís greatness is reflected when Macbeth experiences hallucinations in the process of murdering the king. Macbeth can see that what he is about to do is wrong, especially to a form of royalty that is well looked upon by the citizens and killing him would ironically bring sorrow. Regrettably, the life of the great Duncan was cut short because of Macbethís urge to become king, no matter the price.