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Lady Macbeth


King Duncan



Three witches

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Character Sketch:

Banquo Banquo

Alongside Macbeth, in the battlefields of Scotland is the courageous warrior, Banquo. Banquo and Macbeth were once partnesrs in battle, sharing many of the same qualities that made them strong and brave. After the tandem’s encounter with the three witches, one becomes corrupted while the other can only watch. Of course, Macbeth is the one who is altered while Banquo stayed true to his own self. Unlike Macbeth, the prophecies of the witches seemed to have no effect on Banquo, not letting greed and evil become a part of his life. Although mesmerized by the witches’ presence, Banquo accepts the fate of his descendents becoming king but refuses to allow the thought to control him. In a sense, this mindset shows his advantage in mental strength compared to Macbeth. Macbeth succumbed to evil desire, exposing an apparent weakness in his confidence. Banquo was the more composed of the two, maintaining calmness in the wake of breaking events. In addition, Banquo appears to be clever and immune to deception, as he is the first to express outwardly, any suspicion about Macbeth’s role in Duncan’s murder. Accusing a friend, especially for a murder, takes immense courage, as the repercussions can be disastrous. In this case, Banquo’s direct accusations lead to his death, well orchestrated by none other than Macbeth. To kill Banquo, in Act 3, scene 3, Macbeth sent three murderers to ensure no mistakes and a dead Banquo. Unfortunately, the strength of three men over powered the valiant single effort of Banquo and his death was realized.