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Making Your Mark With Photoshop Tools
Here is a picture of a bride torn in half. What a shame. Such a beautiful picture. Not to worry...
I used the clone tool here and the picture is good as new.
Here is my attempt at being an artist.Fish are easy to draw. I used the pen tool, the paint tool, and the blur tool to get the underwater effect.It was made on a white background.
The same picture only this time I made it a transparent .gif
Nice picture, but the foreground is kind of boring. No problem.
With the clone tool I've created a couple more buddies and some bushes and sticksto fill up the picture.
This is my wife, Amy and son,Caleb.I like the picture, but the background is kind of distracting.
I used the blur tool on the background to make Amy and Caleb stand out.
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