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 Working With Layers
This is a sign I made for my tip bucket for work. I started with a twenty dollar bill and copied it into several layers. I used filters to bend and distort the dollars for a "floating down look". I used a gradient and a style for the background.
Here is another version of the sign.The background is kind of boring,
but it draws more attention to the falling money
This is a picture of the Elvis statue. It looks it needs to be remodeled.
That's better. the king needs to have an electric guitar.
Here's a fictional cover for a magazine I did. This required a lot of layers. In order for the caption to make sense, you need to know what the statue of liberty shot is. Take a shot of 151 (mixed with ameretto) and stick your finger in the liquor. With the flamable liquor on your finger, you light up your finger and hold it above your head while you do the shot.I have never done this and don't recommend it, but I've heard of people who have.
This is me in front of a nice statue. Nice background, but it's not where I want to be.
Yes. This is much better!
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