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The Stand-Alone Novels

Short Stories
SS Collections
McGee Series
Musings of McGee
1950      The Brass Cupcake
1951      Murder For the Bride
1951      Judge Me Not
1951      Weep For Me
1951      Wine of the Dreamers
1952      The Damned
1952      Ballroom of the Skies (science fiction)
1953      The Neon Jungle
1953      Dead Low Tide
1953      Cancel All Our Vows
1954      All These Condemned
1954      Area of Suspicion
1954      Contrary Pleasure
1955      A Bullet For Cinderella (AKA “On the Make”)
1955      Cry Hard, Cry Fast
1954      You Live Once (AKA 1961 “You Kill Me”)
1955      April Evil
1956      Border Town Girl (2 novellas: “B.T.G.” & “Linda”)
1956      Murder In The Wind (AKA 1957 “Hurricane”)
1957      Death Trap
1957      The Price of Murder
1957      The Empty Trap
1957      A Man of Affairs
1958      The Deceivers
1958      Soft Touch
1958      The Executioners (AKA “Cape Fear”)
1958      Clemmie
1958      Deadly Welcome
1959      Please Write For Details
1959      The Crossroads
1959      The Beach Girls
1960      Slam The Big Door
1960      The End of the Night
1960      The Only Girl In The Game
1960      Where Is Janice Gantry?
1961      One Monday We Killed Them All
1962      A Key To the Suite
1962      A Flash of Green
1962      The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything (science-fiction)
1963      On the Run
1963      I Could Go On Singing (novelization of screenplay)
1963      The Drowner
1966      The Last One Left
1977      Condominium
1984      One More Sunday
1986      Barrier Island
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